wCarl Ford Workshop – Need, Persona, Tragic Flaw.

Carl Ford Workshop – Need, Persona, Tragic Flaw.

“I know Carl Ford as a guerrilla risk-taking filmmaker whose stories confront you with shattering truth.  

He is a teacher with enormous passion and insight.”

Juliette Binoche, Academy Award Winner

Carl ford’s 4-day technique based/scene study Workshop will propel actors into their deepest truth with the playfulness of a child.

He fights for actors every step of the way challenging them to dive into their unique creativity with all they have.

His unflinching honesty challenges actors to own all parts of who they are, flaws and all.

Carl will ask you to go further than you ever thought imaginable in a quest to create art that matters.

Carl will be teaching the work he helped to create with Susan Batson as covered in her book TRUTH.

This 4-day scene study Workshop will cover:

Day 1: Script Analysis
Day 2: Scene Study
Day 3: Rehearsal
Day 4: Performance

The aims of the Carl Ford Scene Study Workshop are:

  • To discover how to make choices that are directly linked to the given circumstances
  • To learn how to break down text, exploring beats and actions, a unique approach of script analysis based on the work of Master Acting Teacher Susan Batson
  • To get in partnership with the playwright and the words on the page so the words are yours

These three days will enrich your development of characters and understanding of text, guiding you closer to truth.

Carl Ford on Script Analysis


About the Workshop

Each Actor will be asked to read 4 selected plays prior to the Workshop. You will be asked to research the world of each play and explore the text to the very best of your ability.

During the workshop, you will break down the scene into beats, discussing the ideas of the play, exploring need, persona and tragic flaw.

You will then be assigned a character and a scene partner.  Actors will learn to make dynamic choices that are specific to the given circumstances and the world of the play.

You will workshop your assigned scenes with Carl, bringing the text to life and honouring the playwright truthfully.

We highly recommend anyone applying to work with Carl read Susan Batson’s book Truth.


Entry is by selection based on previous training, CV and showreel. Places are limited.


“He is a genius. He has that two sided brain, one side is the art and the other is a powerful intellect. His understanding of Art is truly phenomenal.

He is so human, so willing to share his flaws with you that you will enter into the art with great inspiration. He is powerfully very very human.”

– Susan Batson


About Carl Ford

Carl Ford is a writer, director, producer and acting coach/teacher and CEO of Black Nexxus Inc., a bi-coastal production company and acting studio that developed and nurtured such talents as Adepero Oduye (Pariah, 12 Years of Slave) and Angelique Zambrana (Precious). Carl then went on to co-found Susan Batson Studio LLC.

Carl has also had the pleasure of coaching and creative consulting with such luminaries as Brandy Norwood, Q-Tip, Pharrell, Ice-T, Sean Combs, Tatum O’Neal, Jill Scott and Anthony Minghella.


Susan Batson speaks about Carl Ford