cpElizabeth Kemp Corporate Workshop

Elizabeth Kemp Corporate Workshop

Inspiring leaders to manage their workload with clarity, conviction and inspiration.

The 16th Street Corporate Program has designed a workshop, that utilises dynamic acting techniques and will focus on removing the barriers business people confront when taking their organisations to the next level.

Each participant in the workshop will be given the tools to enable them to explore new possibilities, allowing a metamorphism into a leader with passion and purpose.

About Elizabeth Kemp

Elizabeth is recognised as one of the most distinguished acting teachers in the world today. Her teaching method draws from the teachings of Lee Strasberg from the Actors Studio and over 20 years training with the Carl Jung Institute in NYC. Elizabeth’s mentors have included Academy Award winning director Elia Kazan, Academy Award winning actress Ellen Burstyn and playwright Tennessee Williams.

She has worked alongside and coached actors Harvey Keitel, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper.

She is also a Member of the Board of Directors and the Co Artistic Director of the prestigious Actors Studio, New York. She is a faculty member and Chair of The Acting Department at The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University, NYC

What you can expect

A new approach to address the skill gap faced by organisations. Each participant will explore what contributes to the stress of their work and the obstacles that frequently challenge their focus and stamina.

Course of Study

Through self-assessment, you will explore and expand your leadership skills.


  • Your blockage points, which can be countered by the unearthing of the inner strength and the changes required to help manage your team and your business networks.
  • What burns a leader out and dampens what should feel like a triumph of achievement?
  • What way do your goals include Philanthropic contributions and how the inclusion of such goals can assist in creating great leaders?

Each person will come to the workshop with a personal scenario encapsulating a significant goal they wish to realise. The scenario will explore the conflicting and opposing forces creating roadblocks to your success.

The desire to overcome the roadblocks with power, grace and the giving of one’s all is the objective.