cpIvana Chubbuck – The Power of the Individual in Business

Ivana Chubbuck – The Power of the Individual in Business

Ivana Chubbuck (acting coach to Academy Award winning actors) takes her cutting-edge acting technique into the business world.

Success can be complex and illusive to define, yet almost everyone can tell the difference between success and failure.

As a master acting teacher, Ivana coaches actors on how to achieve because that’s what successful people do in real life. They go after what they want.

Interesting and dynamic people go after what they want in interesting and dynamic ways. Her technique stimulates this behaviour, allowing for this natural and powerful human drive to be realised.

In this innovative 1-day seminar, business professionals will learn how to apply Ivana’s dynamic technique to overcome conflict and achieve their objectives, in work and in life!

“I began investigating how to put the legacy of emotions I had inherited to better more effective use in my work.

When I examined the lives of successful people, I noticed they seemed to use their physical and emotional traumas as stimuli, not to self-indulgently suffer, but to inspire and drive their achievements.

I created a system to empower people to win.”

– Ivana Chubbuck