ypShakespeare & Company USA – Youth Workshop

Shakespeare & Company USA – Youth Workshop

“Who is it that can tell me who I am?” – King Lear

Introducing Shakespeare & Company, one of the most vibrant theatre companies in the US, and the Company’s internationally recognised, deeply effective Shakespeare performance training.

Using games and exercises, this one day workshop will immerse students in the world of Shakespeare, where they’ll discover the joy of playing at the height of their intelligence and the depth of their imaginations.

Why Shakespeare?

What does a middle-aged Englishman writing over 400 years ago know about being a teenager in 2017? Everything! Shakespeare lived and wrote in the adolescent age of the Renaissance, a time filled with questions, changes, and identity crises. Shakespeare’s actors were called Players, because that’s what they did; they played with language like it was a new toy and they used that toy to make sense of a profoundly changing world. That’s what we’ll do in this workshop: we’ll PLAY! And like the Elizabethans, we’ll discover how Shakespeare helps make sense of our world.

The Workshop

This Workshop will run from 9am to 5pm, with a one-hour lunch break. We’ll begin with games that wake up the body, voice, and mind. From there we’ll play our way into physicalizing text using scenes from Romeo & Juliet, adding a touch of stage combat to explore moment to moment danger.

We’ll then segue into what ‘heightened text’ means. How do we play with it? How can iambic pentameter be fun? How do we make the leap from our everyday rhythms and colloquialisms to the poetry of Shakespeare? Students will discover that once that leap has been made their own dreams and desires, their own thoughts and feelings, are a perfect fit for the epic nature of Shakespeare’s world and text.

From there we’ll dive into some Comedy, and into Hamlet’s world, playing Status Games to experience the value of listening, collaborating, and risk-taking. Students will discover the rewards of daring to look foolish, and that staying open, unguarded, and generous pays off!

Finally, we’ll put it all together, finishing the day celebrating the joy of fearlessly Playing with Shakespeare!

Offer for High School Teachers

We are delighted to offer High School Teachers the opportunity to audit (observe) the day for free if one of your students participates. Please email us your contact details and the name of your student and school to admin@16thstreet.com.au


About Shakespeare & Company’s Education Program

Heart-stirring, crowd-rousing, life-changing theatre-in-education programs are a bedrock tradition at Shakespeare & Company, reaching 40,000 students and teachers annually. Their Education Program brings the classical poetry and plays of Shakespeare into the lives of students in ways that are personally meaningful and educationally inspiring. The Program has been nationally recognized as an innovative leader in the field of integrating theatre arts into education and teaching Shakespeare. Since the program was founded in 1978, nearly one million elementary, middle, and high school students have taken part.

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