Open Series


16th Street Actors Studio is proud to offer you support with Open Series, an initiative that encourages and promotes the creation of new work.


We are committed to the artistic journey of the actor, from training and mentorship to the empowerment and development of work. We have realised in an effort to be proactive, and to be seen, artists are missing an integral step in the creative process.

It is our intention, with Open Series, to bring artists together to be supported and empowered in the preliminary stages of creating and developing their own work. We will provide the time and space for you to explore your ideas and concepts. We will offer you creative support, specific to the requirements of your project, and in the spirit of collaboration will connect you with like-minded artists and industry professionals to work with you to achieve your creative vision.

The result of an actors work is in performance, there is an inevitability and need to share that with an audience. At the end of your Open Series experience, your project’s rehearsal and exploration period will culminate in an evening to share and perform your work for your peers, industry professionals, and the public.

16th Street would also like to offer you the chance to have Q&A, feedback and/or debriefing sessions and ongoing mentoring for the lifespan of your project. It is our hope the artistic support you receive through Open Series will enable you to take your discoveries into the wider world and develop a fully realised and deeply investigated piece of work.

What 16th Street will provide:

  • Rehearsal space
  • Basic administration and production support
  • Dramaturgical support
  • Collaboration from tutors and/or industry professionals where appropriate
  • Technical equipment to support the rehearsal process where needed
  • 70 seat performance space inclusive of lighting and sound or a 40 seat performance space inclusive of lighting and sound
  • Basic marketing and publicity support
  • Technical staff for the performance
  • Front of House staff
  • Debriefing session and ongoing mentoring for the lifespan of the project

Selection Criteria

Artistic Merit:

  • Clear and original creative vision
  • Sound rationale for approach to project
  • How Open Series will advance your project’s artistic development. Why are you in development?
  • Examples of previous work and its critical reception

Delivery Capacity:

  • Project organisation and planning
  • Partnership and promotional strategies
  • Reputation of creative, technical and production personnel
  • Capacity to cooperate with 16th Street Actors Studio to achieve the project’s aims

Future Planning:

  • Direction you see the work heading in. How will you realise this?
  • How could you envisage 16th Street Actors Studio maintaining a future relationship with you and your project?

Selection Process:

Companies/projects are selected for support on the advice of a panel consisting of 16th Street Actors Studio Artistic Director, General Manager & Studio Manager. Additionally, we will invite industry representatives including members of 16th Street Faculty and/or artists and professionals from within 16th Street’s artistic community to serve on the panel.

Where a conflict of interest exists between a panel member and a submitted application, the panel member will be asked to step down for the duration of the selection round. 16th Street encourages graduates and current students of our programs to apply with the understanding that no preferential treatment will be given as Open Series is open to all artists resident within Victoria.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any work at any time during the development in the event of unprofessionalism or failure to deliver on agreed terms.

Submission Process

Stage 1 – Written Proposal

Written Proposals are shortlisted by the panel based on merit according to the selection criteria. Please use 2014 Open Series Submission Form downloadable by clicking on the Submit icon on the top right of this page.

  • Cover page
  • Artist Mission/Statement of Intention
  • After Lab Series
  • Draft Schedule
  • Tech/Production requirements
  • Biographies
  • Script (if it is a text based work)
 and/or DVD footage of previous work or developments of project outlined in proposal

Please note: DVD footage or addition materials must be sent with the hardcopy submission.

Stage 2 – Interview

The Selection Panel holds detailed discussions with selected artists/companies to determine the project’s suitability for development, the best use of 16th Street Actors Studio’s available time and resources, and to learn how the submission will be realised.

Stage 3 – Offers

Offers are finalised on negotiation and signing of contracts.

16th Street Actors Studio can seat up to 70 audience members. In the event that audience response to a particular project greatly exceeds this number the option to add a second performance night is negotiable.