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mcAwakening From The American Dream – The Plays of Arthur Miller with Iain Sinclair

Awakening From The American Dream – The Plays of Arthur Miller with Iain Sinclair

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The United States right now is standing on an existential precipice as the world watches on, horrified and amazed that “the shining city on the hill” could have come to this. The impact is being experienced worldwide.

With astonishing prescience – and against fashionable thinking – Arthur Miller saw the cracks in the foundation stones of the Great American Experiment and revealed them to the world in the best way he knew how.

Join one of Australia’s most esteemed theatre directors, Iain Sinclair and a group of first-rate Australian actors as they explore the plays of Arthur Miller and act in some of the greatest scenes ever written.Together they will traverse Miller’s 70 years as a dramatist revealing the fault lines in the American dream that have now shifted into catastrophic seismic forces.

‘Arthur Miller awakens our moral responsibility if we can bear to face our own human frailty’

 – Iain Sinclair.

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