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tcChubbuck Intensive with Lyndelle Green

Chubbuck Intensive with Lyndelle Green

“The Chubbuck Technique teaches actors how to use their emotions not as an end result, but as a way to empower a goal. The actor must understand himself thoroughly and have the tools to break down a script in order to make interesting and dynamic behaviour appear and feel like a subconscious process. The Chubbuck Technique stimulates this behaviour, allowing for this natural and powerful human drive to be realised” – Ivana Chubbuck, Acting Teacher and creator of The Chubbuck Technique

Ivana Chubbuck believes in the power of the actor. Her technique teaches actors how to win and fight for their characters objective.

In this 2 day Intensive you will work with accredited Chubbuck teacher, Lyndelle Green on the 12 steps of the Chubbuck Technique to create characters who bring hope and inspiration to an audience by their unrelenting need to prevail.

This technique will strengthen and enhance your work by drawing from your personal world. It focuses particularly on empowering actors (and characters) to win. Participants will learn the tools needed to access the human drives and desires which live inside all of us.

Learn and use practical techniques and exercises to:

  • Access and trigger truthful emotions quickly
  • Find the objectives for your character and personalise those objectives so you act from your gut, not your head.
  • Prepare yourself to be in a creative and receptive state before auditioning, rehearsing or performing.
  • Create chemistry with your scene partner or casting director.
  • Ensure you always have a compelling, watchable inner life.
  • Liberate emotional, physical and creative blocks

You will be assigned a scene and rehearse with your scene partner in preparation for class to refine your understanding of this technique.

This Intensive will begin with exercises specific to the Chubbuck Technique followed by scene work. Then on the second day your scenes will be re-worked. Please keep your Saturday evening free for rehearsal.


“Lyndelle is an amazing teacher and has a real gift; both as a teacher, and as an actress” – Ivana Chubbuck, Acting Master teacher

“I have worked with Lyndelle on audition preparation. Her technique opens a student up to a more personal truth adding a complexity to the work that may not otherwise have been there” – Julian Curtis, NIDA graduate