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tcCreate a Clip Gallery with Sancia Robinson

Create a Clip Gallery with Sancia Robinson

Sancia is an alchemist who can take the most surprising mix of raw elements and turn them into gold. She has an innate ability to identify, inspire and empower talent, to make people feel comfortable and to fill them with confidence. She is all about trust and honesty – actors, comedians, musicians and presenters trust her to help them sculpt amazing performances, and to be honest about working with their strengths and their weaknesses. She has a rare mix of skills – actor, teacher, producer, director and top quality human – which means that she is always the first person you call when you’re building a TV show.Todd Abbott, Producer of the multi award-winning, Please Like Me

As we traverse the actor’s landscape in the 21st Century, creating a clip gallery of your work is an essential tool. To get in the room, you need visual collateral – without it, there is no meeting.

A great gallery is not as simple as ‘doing the work’ in front of a camera. There are skills you can apply to unlock your truest self and produce work which inspires, surprises and excites.

In this 6-week class you will learn how to make short and compelling clips of your work. You will create an online gallery which showcases your strengths and reveals your range as an actor. You will be given performance tools to hone your truth and prepare with courage and accuracy.

You will learn how to find or write material, so by the conclusion of this class you will have the skills to continue creating clips which constantly expand the range of your gallery. You will be given a sound understanding of the technical aspects of shooting a gallery to ensure your work is easy for any casting director, producer or agent to use. We will teach you how to reach out to producers, agents and casting directors to engage in the business side of acting.  Most of all you will be encouraged to use the greatest tool you have in your work – YOU.

Sancia’s coaching work is informed by British film acting teacher, Mel Churcher and HB Studios among others.

Places are limited. Wait lists may apply.

“I love teaching the business and technical side of acting; but what I am most passionate about is reminding students that once upon a time they just really loved acting. I am obsessed with reminding people to bring the fun, joy and desire back and to put their true selves into the work again.” – Sancia Robinson