wDeb Aquila: Script Analysis Technique for Screen and Auditions 

Deb Aquila: Script Analysis Technique for Screen and Auditions 

“A promise made is a promise kept, as this work is now passed along to you, from those that enriched my life all those years ago” – Deb Aquila (on her promise to Stella Adler)

“I truly believe her name (Deb Aquila) will find its place among the great acting teachers of all time. Please don’t take my word for it. You owe it to yourself to find out on your own” – Armie Hammer (Call Me By Your Name and The Social Network) 

Deb Aquila is a force of nature. She is a woman and teacher with a fierce intelligence, an unwavering commitment to rigorous script analysis and has a fire in her belly to ensure the work of Stella Adler is carried on. She is also one of Hollywood’s most respected and esteemed Casting Directors.

Deb Aquila joins 16th Street Actors Studio for the first time, with the full force of the Stella Adler lineage behind her. Deb teaches script analysis impeccably, having taught for Larry Moss in LA before she formed her own studio.

Deb motivates actors to take responsibility for their talent or, in the words of Stella Adler, to ‘have a talent for their talent’ – to pay attention to life, to care deeply about the state of the world and to live and work with passionate commitment. Deb is an living example of what she teaches.

Deb Aquila has transformed the careers of hundreds of American actors both as a teacher and casting director. 

In her 30+ year casting career, Deb has cast some of the biggest blockbusters of our time. She has cast over a hundred film and television dramas, including The Shawshank Redemption, My Year With Marilyn and La-La Land.

About the Workshops 

The purpose of ‘actor-user’ script analysis is to enable you to experience the character fully. To get you out of the critical mind and into your body. To, as Larry Moss says, ‘carbonate you’ ready for action so the writer’s intention is revealed through you.

In this 3-Day Workshop actors will learn the method of script analysis as taught by legendary acting teacher, Stella Adler; a woman who helped transform the landscape of American acting.   

You will learn the fundamental elements of script analysis and apply it to screenplays and audition scenes that will be filmed. Deb will empower you to be a better actor and discover what you are capable of, artistically. 

“This is a process that will serve you in your life and in your work as artists, for the rest of your life…Because it is certainly not about tricks or shortcuts. It’s about craft” – Deb Aquila

Actors will be given material prior to the commencement of this craft-centred Workshop, in order to prepare effectively.

Workshop Dates

Sydney : June 28th – 30th

Melbourne: July 3rd – 5th

Cost: $990 GST INC

Applications are now open to Participate and to Audit.

Applications Close: June 9th 2020

About Auditing

Auditing is not simply an act of watching performers work with Deb, but rather an active process in which you thoroughly experience and learn her approach to working, in art and in life, through observation and analysis.

To book Auditing Tickets in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne please click on the below links or in the Auditing Section of this page.

Single Day Audit Ticket – $95

3-Day Discount Audit Ticket – $240

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Melbourne: https://www.trybooking.com/595990