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tcScreen Scene Study with Jason Raftopoulos

Screen Scene Study with Jason Raftopoulos

“Authenticity drives all my choices and eliciting honest performances from actors and non-actors was key in the film. Story is told through the eyes and reactions of the actors and my love and preparation for their process was detailed and specific. My job was ultimately to create an environment on set where they could live unencumbered, regardless of the difficulties of the shoot.” – Jason Raftopoulos

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We are thrilled to welcome back Jason Raftopoulos to teach this Screen Scene Study after his work on a range of very successful feature film projects.

A generous and skilled film director, Jason’s debut feature West of Sunshine (starring many 16th Street actors) was selected for the Venice Film Festival in 2017 and went on to receive high praise from its Australian and American theatrical releases.

This is a screen actor’s class – built to challenge all levels of experience.  You need to be open to working off your scene partner and your director, engaging and following impulses and possessing a desire to deliver an authentic, human performance.
You will be paired up and assigned scenes from screenplays. It is a requirement to be off-book and ready to be “on-set” before the first class.  


Places are limited. Waitlists may apply.


I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working under Jason’s direction both in scene study class and on a professional film set. Working with Jason was a breakthrough for me. I learnt what it meant to be truly affected by each moment, to not push or manufacture what I thought should be happening next. Jason enabled me to find a profound connection to the character I played. Working with him is a joy and I always walk away feeling elated about my love and passion for acting. I would jump, somersault and cartwheel at any opportunity to be in a creative space and flow with this wonderful artist and human being.”  – Faye Smythe (16th Street graduate and cast member of West of Sunshine)