mcElizabeth Kemp Masterclass Los Angeles

Elizabeth Kemp Masterclass Los Angeles

16th Street is thrilled to be coming to Los Angeles for the first time with Master Acting Teacher, Elizabeth Kemp from the Actors Studio NYC

16th Street Actors Studio in association with Australian Theatre Company will be conducting this Masterclass in Los Angeles this June/July.

Elizabeth has guided hundreds of actors worldwide through this process. She brings her unique expression of The Method, fused with her 20 years of experience in the dream work of Carl Jung in the creation of character.

Her ability to lead actors into the deep and hidden parts of themselves makes her a guide of the human spirit  and one of the most innovative teachers in the world. Actors are profoundly changed from having worked with her.

As one of the youngest members admitted into the Actors Studio, Elizabeth was mentored by Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Tennessee Williams, Ellen Burstyn and Arthur Penn.

An Introduction to Elizabeth Kemp and her work

The Character Dream Masterclass

This immersive 6-day Masterclass will take actors on a sacred journey from the birth of a character through to performance. Elizabeth’s Dreamwork introduces actors to the language of the soul, the very essence of their creativity. Discovering and exploring the fusion between themselves and the characters they play and ultimately, transforming.

“I’ve known Elizabeth Kemp for many years. Students come away truly inspired and transformed.” 

– Ellen Burstyn, Academy Award Winner

Each artist will choose a character on whom they will do research from childhood into the adult years; actors are expected to choose a character they feel they must do. This is a character that, in some way, you intuit will be transformative, especially now at this time in your life. The character can be literary, mythological, fictional, historical or ancestral. This Masterclass also includes your choice of a painting, music, text and projections as an integral part of your character work on the floor.

The Masterclass is Method based ~ the work originated by Constantin Stanislavski, then Lee Strasberg and into The Actors Studio has been evolved by Elizabeth who has created a unique Masterclass using interpretations of dreams through the theories of Carl Jung. The Character Dream Masterclass allows actors to explore and discover the character’s ‘Shadow’ and ‘Tragic Flaw’, and through this process bring the character to the light.

Selection is by online application including a headshot, CV and link to showreel/filmed work.

Bradley Cooper on working with Elizabeth Kemp

This process has been developed by Elizabeth over 20 years from classes she has taught worldwide in such cities as Warsaw, Berlin, Athens, Rome, Paris, New York, Stockholm, Brussels and around Australia.

“Elizabeth allowed me to find connections and freedom that I have not felt before”

– Hugh Jackman, Academy Award Nominee

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kemp was one of the youngest members to be admitted to The Actors Studio and has been a member of since 1975. In her career she has been fortunate to learn from many masters including Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Arthur Penn and Ellen Burstyn. She is currently Co Artistic Director and is on the Board of Directors of The Actors Studio in New York. Elizabeth is proud to be the Chair of The Acting Department at The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. Having studied the work of Jung for many years, she has taken courses at The Carl Jung Institute in New York City as well as working privately with Jungian mentors Bernard McDonnell and Morgan Stebbins. Elizabeth has coached many Academy Award and Cesar Award winning actors.

“I’d consider her to be one of the finest acting teachers around”

– Harvey Keitel, Academy Award Nominee

16th Street is proud to call Elizabeth our Artistic Associate.

For more on Elizabeth visit www.elizabethkemp.com