Ryan Murphy (Glee) is one of television’s most kaleidoscopic geniuses… Cody Fern, who gained attention this year in two of Murphy’s series (The Assasination of Gianni Versace, American Horror Story) could be said to have a similarly chameleonic appeal.” – Jonathan Shia (The Last Magazine)

Cody Fern Auditing

Auditors have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and gain a deeper insight into their craft by watching Cody working with actors on-the-floor.

Auditing is not simply about viewing the work – but a living, active process where rich experience and deep learning is achieved through detailed observation and careful analysis.

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$75 Per day Auditing Ticket

$250 4 Day Auditing Package

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Cody Fern knows how to prepare and what is required to play with actors at the top of their game. Since receiving the 2014 Heath Ledger Scholarship, Cody has worked with greats like Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Robyn Wright and Kathy Bates.

With all that he’s learned, he returns to 16th Street in January 2020, where his training began to ‘give back’ to the next generation of Australian actors. Cody will illuminate the reality of forging and navigating a Hollywood career, so when opportunity knocks, you are equipped and prepared to walk through that open door.

Learn how to take your work from page to stage – to screen. 

Cody Fern has experienced first-hand the unique challenges of each medium – theatre, film and television – and will guide you through the profoundly different emotional, psychological, technical and physical demands for the actor.

You will explore the universal truths of the craft and dispel the commonly held belief that “all acting is the same across the board” with one of the most sought after young actors in Hollywood.

About The Workshop

In this exciting new Workshop, you will investigate compelling scenes by extraordinary playwrights whose plays have been adapted for the screen. Get your scene on the floor as a piece of theatre, then interpret and execute the scene for film and television, receiving direction and facing on-set challenges that require you to adjust quickly without losing the impact of your performance. By working across all mediums the very real differences become clear and you will learn how to refine the process of theatre into the process of film and television.

Cody will work closely with you on script analysis and interpretation, the process of rehearsal across the three mediums, and how to personalise your performance technique. You will illuminate and uncover all that lays beneath the text, allowing this to explode on the floor and discover the process of distilling this, harnessing the performance for screen.

Make bold, creative choices from a place of instinct and build the dexterity of an artist who can work across all mediums and is ready to go.

This Workshop is designed for actors with training or professional experience.

Early offers will apply

“I think it all begins with great writing. You’re only as good as the writing, and I’ve had the great fortune of working on great writing…I’m just taking it one day at a time, and putting my head down and doing the work.” – Cody Fern