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Full Time Program

“ When Actors find the engine of their scene, they find dignity in purpose, they find courage in desire and they step into deep being through the ancient ceremony of fighting for what is important.” 

Iain Sinclair, Head of Acting


Established in 2009, the Full Time Program at 16th Street Actors Studio is game-changing, empowering, disciplined and bespoke.  After a decade of training, we couldn’t be more excited to embark on our 11th intake. As we pivot to consolidate this new era of training, blending the very best of British and American practices, we invite you to consider taking 12 short months to shape your next steps as an artist.

Designed to support the actor to train in an intensive manner – 16th Street’s approach to study promotes a healthy work-life-craft balance over the course of just one year.

With accelerated, on-the-floor development, you will have the opportunity to explore and hone your skill, craft, artistry and humanity equipping you to work in all mediums of our industry.  

16th Street promotes a spirit of generosity, a dedicated work ethic and great respect for the craft of acting.

In the Full Time Program, actors train with the experts in their respective fields – each of them one degree of separation from the founder of the technique.  You will grow as an artist and as a person as you develop the vocal, physical and imaginative vitality to live fully on stage. You will then integrate these skills with the intimacy required to be a dynamic screen actor.  

Led by names like Kim Krejus (Uta Hagen Technique), Iain Sinclair (MTC’s A View from the Bridge), Julia Grace (Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago) and acclaimed film director and producer Paul Currie (Hacksaw Ridge), this fresh new Full Time Program is ready to accelerate you into your future.  

For any enquiries relating to the course, please email: kim@16thstreet.com.au 

The Actor Experience

Empowered actors are employable actors.

The 16th Street Full Time Program has a reputation for producing generous and courageous acting graduates, and we are proud to continue our decade-strong commitment to developing authentic, reliable and resilient professionals.

Our training is bespoke and tailored to the specific needs of the individual actors we work with.

An accelerated program, we maximise time in real, on-the-floor acting experience. All elements of craft are integrated, our teachers work alongside each other to address vocal, physical and acting technique issues holistically.

Leading the way in a new approach to actor training in Australia, 16th Street integrates the very best of American and British techniques with new thinking in psychological resilience and interpersonal communication. We recognise there are many paths to the same destination and honour the uniqueness of the actors we train.

At the heart of our approach to actor training lies a core belief in the values of compassion, artistic excellence and community, instilled through our founder and Artistic Director, Kim Krejus. 16th Street supports an actor’s artistic development and professional aspirations through extensive mentorship and individual guidance.

Our Head of Acting, Iain Sinclair, is an acclaimed and gifted theatre director. In addition to our existing high-quality training, Iain has injecting a revitalised sense of rigour, and practicality, into the curriculum. Known for providing hundreds of professional actors with rock-solid confidence and purpose in their work, Iain employs exciting new thinking in the areas of social science and interpersonal neurobiology. With his British training and skills, Iain leads with a profound connection to story.

The Full Time Program at 16th Street Actors Studio is one of the most comprehensive acting programs in Australia. It requires dedication and commitment to achieve technical mastery; it is where artistic excellence is possible and the foundation from which inspiration soars.

There is a difference between performance for stage and for screen – we offer a program structured to prepare actors for both mediums and the craft to live truthfully and imaginatively on stage and screen and we believe the fundamentals remain the same, regardless of the medium.

16th Street graduates will enter the industry well-trained across a wide variety of techniques, psychologically resilient and equipped with the most advanced interpersonal communication skills needed to have the artistic edge in such a highly competitive field.  

Actors forge connections at 16th Street with industry professionals as they embark upon or continue their career as professional actors.  Actors who train through 16th Street have secured representation within esteemed agencies worldwide and have performed on stages and screens in Australia and internationally.

Entry into the Full Time Program is based on audition and interview.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

Modules of study


The voice has the power to reveal human beings or keep them hidden.  Actors are required to be supreme communicators of complex ideas, passionate emotion and reveal the human experience at its fullest. They must be able to do this regardless of the size of the playing space. In voice class you will discover the connection between breath, thought, emotion and text, informed by the work of Kristin Linklater, Cicely Berry and Chuck Jones. Learn to reveal the unique voice of your character for stage and screen performance, to be fully present and imaginatively inspired.

Movement (Michael Chekhov and Laban)

Movement is a foundational element of developing character, presence and articulating meaning. Gain awareness of your physicality and develop the ability to transform and embody character with authenticity and detail. Through psychological gesture, animal work and Laban you can discover the imaginative connection between the character’s physical life and psychology and what drives them emotionally.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique supports you to find ease in performance and movement through letting go of tension, developing a creative state of being through a balanced state of alignment.  Develop the strength and endurance to create powerful characterisation, without strain, through this globally-recognised technique, fundamental to the actor’s craft.

Psychological Resilience and Applied Performance Psychology

As Konstantin Stanislavski said: acting is a psycho-physical artform. We place great value in providing you with safe frameworks for your mind as well as your body as you navigate the demanding terrain that the profession required you to enter. You will be exposed to leading thinking in resilience and performance models for professionals working under high stress conditions both at work and in your off stage life.

Script Analysis and Dramaturgy

At the heart of any acting work is Story. Actors who know and are in command of the fundamental components of story become free, purposeful and empowered. You will be trained in Advanced Story Theory in a simple and practical way; one that frees you creatively and guarantees that you are able to work effectively in an ensemble.

Professional Training

The best actor training in the world means nothing if an actor is not able to take notes and adjustments from a director in a professional context. The Part Time Program will provide you with real world experiences of “floor work” with recognised professional directors of stage and screen. You will learn the best way to take notes and adjustments on the floor as well as the etiquette and best practises for absorbing and implementing adjustments.

Uta Hagen Technique

There is a deep level to the work great actors do to create complex characters who reveal the truth about humanity. Learn how to bring yourself fully to the characters you play and identify with the character’s given circumstances. Your work develops through a series of craft-based exercises devised by Uta Hagen as taught at the HB Studio in New York.

Meisner Technique

By putting all of your focus and attention on your scene partner you are propelled into the spontaneous moment-to-moment life of the scene.  Using Meisner Technique, you will strengthen your emotional honesty and imagination. Learn and experience the power of listening, following impulses and trusting your instincts.


This work encourages the actor to explore the physical and vocal possibilities of time and space.  Learn how to become more physically present, emotionally open and free. Viewpoints has been proven to be a profoundly important tool for developing ensemble skills.

Chubbuck Technique

This cutting-edge technique reveals the primal needs that drive human beings.  You will develop the courage to use your own pain to fuel your character’s objective, overcome obstacles and develop the will to win through fighting for what your character wants and needs.

Film Acting

Screen performance requires intimacy. You will develop a fearless relationship with the camera – a willingness to be seen and known by the camera.  When you understand these demands and possess the talent and skill to deliver, your performance is free, connected and authentic.

Screen Audition Technique

There are common factors to all successful screen tests that, besides talent, either secure the job – or at least gain the attention of the casting director.  And these factors can be mastered. Working with some of the best in the field, learn what is crucial to know about performances that ‘pop’ within the restraint of the mid-shot frame.

American Acting – Dialect, Culture and Pilot Season

Imperative to success in LA is a perfect US accent.  In addition to your voice and accent work throughout the course you will be developed in your specific dialect and understanding of US culture to assist you in preparing for the American market.

During Pilot Season there is little to no process in the room and the fast-paced environment asks you to show up in a real way, in real time, without being overwhelmed by this pace.  Learn how to retain the freedom of the moment – playing, listening and responding – whilst exuding professionalism and confidence whilst meeting the demands of multiple audition rooms throughout US Pilot Season.


Comedy can be as transformational, touching and challenging as any other genre of an actor’s work.  Gain an understanding of various styles of comedy. Explore the fundamentals of improvisation and sketch comedy which encourages spontaneity and bravery in all your work.  Create comic characters from real life observation, impersonations and mimicry. Discover the fundamental truth of living fearlessly.

Screen Project

Collaborating with filmmakers and screen professionals, you will apply your developed technique and craft in an on-set environment. The purpose of this project is to give you an appreciation of the collaborative experience of filmmaking and your role as an actor within this process.

Whilst we base our Programs on these methods of actor training, we regularly provide access to some of the best creatives from across Australia and around the world through our public Workshops and Masterclasses.

Some of our offerings have previously included:

Master acting teacher, Elizabeth Kemp. The Actors Studio, NY

Master acting teacher, Larry Moss

Master acting teacher, Carol Rosenfeld. HB Studio, NY

Master acting teacher, Ivana Chubbuck

Award-winning director, Ian Rickson

British theatre director, Mike Alfreds

World-renowned voice expert, Patsy Rodenberg

World’s best ensemble theatre, Steppenwolf Chicago

Acclaimed improvisational comedy company, Groundlings LA

Acclaimed Film Producer and Director, Paul Currie

Together with our in-house faculty, guest teachers enrich the students’ experience and provide an even wider scope to develop their individual practice.


“When talented actors live wholeheartedly and courageously within the given circumstances of the story, they reveal for us the complexities of our shared humanity. Your development as a human being is intimately connected to the artist you are capable of being”

Kim Krejus, Artistic Director



“Kim Krejus and all of the teachers at 16th Street, empower their students to be their own unique, self-sufficient and dynamic instruments. Constantly searching for truth in the work is always of primary importance, and is reiterated in every moment during classes.”

Kestie Morassi 2013 Full Time Program Graduate – Lead Actress: Wolf Creek, Home and Away

“Kim Krejus has developed the ideal training ground for actors. 16th Street Actors Studio is a place where one can both sharpen their artistry and skill,  while always being reminded to stay curious about humanity and the world around them. Here actors will learn the importance of specificity in performance and character, and that one absolute all great acting aspires to: the truth.”

Jacob Collins-Levy 2012 Full Time Program Graduate – Lead Actor: The White Princess (Netflix)

“I have been in numerous rehearsal rooms with Iain Sinclair over the last 20 years and he inspires actors to front up with fire in their bellies. Iain’s rehearsal room is full of passion, humour and fierce intelligence, creating honest work that best serves the writer. Affectionately known as the “actor whisperer”, this director is not afraid of actors. Working with Iain requires courage and a willingness to play in the shadowlands. He is not interested in vanity or artifice only truth. The truth is what touches people. So if you want to learn from the best, work with Iain Sinclair.”

Anita Hegh Actor: AFI Award – Best Supporting Actress in Television (MDA), Helpmann Award and Sydney Theatre Award (The Wild Duck: Belvoir Street Theatre), Sydney Theatre Award (The City: STC)

“Working with Iain has been the closest I have ever come to real magic. He has the ability to conjure things within you that you didn’t know existed. His dedication to storytelling and his ability to generate electricity between you, your scene partner, and the audience, is unmatchable. 16th Street actors are in the presence of greatness, with Iain at the helm. Do whatever you can to be in their Full or Part Time Programs, he is a true master of his craft. “

Zoe Terakes Winner of the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Newcomer (A View From the Bridge: directed by Iain Sinclair)