wHagen Teacher’s Lab with Carol Rosenfeld, HB Studio NYC

Hagen Teacher’s Lab with Carol Rosenfeld, HB Studio NYC

“There is nothing more satisfying for me than witnessing and receiving a teacher’s skill and generosity in the work. There is nothing more exhilarating than living in that state of being when discovery is always possible and surprising.” – Carol Rosenfeld

The Hagen Teacher’s Lab is a program of HB Studio NYC; Uta Hagen’s artistic home.

16th Street will bring New York to Melbourne this November with this world class teacher training.

The Workshop

Develop your teaching practice and experience the depth and value of Uta Hagen’s Technique Exercises and Scene Study Process for actor training.

Uta Hagen’s exercises probe the depths and heights of human behavior. They offer the actor a structure for lifelong practice exploring the dynamic interaction between sensory/emotional experience and the creative imagination.

Designed to hone the actor’s ability to actively live through the circumstances of the play and the character’s dilemma, the exercises are extremely practical. When the work becomes a part of the actor’s process, unpremeditated truthful behavior replaces cliché and easy sentiment in performance. The actor grows to honor an authentic, present and intuitively responsive self in the role while making imaginative choices that serve the play.

Taught by master teacher, Carol Rosenfeld this Workshop will probe the infinite potential of Uta Hagen’s work. Participants will play dual roles: Actor and Teacher. As an actor, you will be asked to prepare an exercise and rehearse a scene. As a teacher, you will be assigned an exercise and scene to critique.

Hagen Teacher’s Lab is an active conversation, through analysis and discussion, we will discover how individual talent can be revealed and released through this work.

In 2018 HB Studio NYC will introduce a second Lab Week for teachers who participated in this first session of the Hagen Teachers Lab and wish to continue to train. You will be Lab Alumni, invited to network and participate in the programs Annual Conference Week in New York.

“An organic transference of oneself to the role, the development of a new “I” who is alive in the world of the play, involves a creative process which is not a willy-nilly, loose way of working that depends solely on intuitive or illusive inspiration.” – Uta Hagen

Carol Rosenfeld speaks about the responsibility of an Acting Teacher

About Carol Rosenfeld

Carol Rosenfeld began teaching at HB Studio, NYC, 50 years ago, working alongside two of the greatest acting teachers of the 20th Century, Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof.

In the years since Uta Hagen’s passing, Carol has dedicated her life to the preservation and communication of Uta’s teachings; designing and implementing the programs at the Uta Hagen Institute.

Carol Rosenfeld is a master teacher who has fused the work of Uta Hagen with other methods, including in her own published workbook, Acting and Living in Discovery. She has taken Uta’s work to some new places and exhibits the potential for others to do the same.