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tcAn Intro to Impro

An Intro to Impro

“The thing I love about the way Jason teaches improv is that his own love, care and curiosity for improv come shining through in the way he works with students. He is always exploring, thinking and trying new things but building on the base of a deep and nuanced understanding of the form that makes journeying with him a mind and heart expanding pleasure.” – Christine Brooks – Co Director of The New Zealand Impro Festival. (NZIF) 

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Remember that rehearsal when it went ‘wrong’ but felt right?  The edge-of-the-precipice adrenalin, the rollercoaster recovery, the injection of fresh energy and meaning into the work…this is the magic of Improvisation.

Improv is an essential skill for actors, but it can feel intimidating if you are used to working within the confines of scripted film or theatre. Improv for Actors will revive, sharpen or add the crucial tools of improv to your skill set.  

Perfect for beginners, actors-in-training and advanced practitioners, just let that muscle atrophy, or need to shake off those dusty skills, this course is for you!

Get the inside scoop on when and how to break ’the rules’, work the improv muscle to develop great work, nail auditions and hold your own on the floor.

Join legendary improv teacher Jason Geary for 3 nights of electrifying, skills-based work and never be afraid of “going off script” again!


Improv builds the kind of courage and confidence transferable to everyday life.

There is minimal preparation for this class, but you will be expected to participate in all facets with courage and openness.

You will learn and experience the power of the improvised moment, walking away with a skill set that can help in content creation, writing, group-devised work, ensemble practice and a new acting technique to dip your feet into.

“I want nothing more than for you to succeed, so together we can overcome any fear you bring into the room and create together.  All you have to do is be willing to take that first step!” – Jason Geary