Introduction to Acting with Kim Krejus


Introduction to Acting with Kim Krejus


In this 6-week course, you will be introduced to the wonderful world of Uta Hagen, one of the greatest acting teachers of the 20th century. Uta’s contribution to actor training, born out of her years of dedicated practice as a teacher at HB Studio in NY and as a celebrated actress, influenced a generation of actors. She believed acting was an art form requiring no less respect, than any other ‘high’ art form. Uta Hagen’s process nurtures a profound curiosity about who we are and why we behave the way we do.

This is the ideal class for anybody who wants to act and is seeking a foundational appreciation of what is involved or wishes to test the waters.



Participants will explore Uta Hagen’s 6 steps for creating character and apply them to two specific exercises that address an actors challenge: How to motivate behaviour and develop ease and authenticity in-front of an audience or camera.

In this technique class, you will be introduced to movement and vocal practices to connect you to the truth of your experience and discover a sense of freedom, power and joy in your creative expression.

You will be introduced to the tri-ad of acting through simple but focused improvisation exercises – Objective, Obstacle and Action.



Kim Krejus is the Founder and Artistic Director of 16th Street Actors Studio. She trained with Uta Hagen, Sandy Dennis and Carole Rosenfeld at HB Studio, NYC. She received a Churchill Fellowship to complete her graduate studies at The Drama Centre, London. Kim has worked at many of the major drama schools in Australia and has taught acting for almost 30 years.



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