mcJean-Louis Rodrigue: Character and Physical Transformation

Jean-Louis Rodrigue: Character and Physical Transformation

“The body tells more about the character than anything else. It has your whole life’s history. Actors, especially experienced ones, they want a fuller characterisation. I think the higher the level of the actor, the more they want that.” – Jean-Louis Rodrigue.

“Jean-Louis Rodrigue’s method is…invaluable. I have a better understanding of myself as a whole person. I can begin to live and breathe as the character.” – Margot Robbie

When an actor physically transforms, they change the way they think and feel. Their point of view about themselves and the world is changed. This change in psychology is connected to the body and breath and is expressed through behaviour that reveals character. This is transformation. 

And this is what living and breathing the character means. 

Jean-Louis Rodrigue is a movement specialist and the foremost Alexander teacher as applied to stage and film acting. He is simply masterful in the art of physical transformation. 

His inspiring and transformational technique encourages the actor to engage deeply with the work and be of service to the character by opening the channels of the breath and the body.

When you see Christian Bale as Dick Chaney in Vice, Josh Brolin as George Bush in W. or Margot Robbie in Mary Queen of Scots, you are seeing the work of Jean-Louis Rodrigue in action.

About The Masterclasses

Jean-Louis’ method will help you find ease, charisma and authenticity in both movement and stillness. It will allow you to know the intention and emotion of a character in your bones under any circumstances.

Masterclass: Embodying The Character  

“One of the greatest things an actor can possess is a relationship to their body and breath. Great actors tell stories even without words.” – Larry Moss

This four day Masterclass will teach actors to harness the power of movement and source the psychological matrix of the character.

Actors will find surprising new ways of moving and acting through the incorporation of animal movement, and use imagery to bring different tones, colours and complexities into the work. They will use these tools as a way to find the spine of the character and connect to emotions, and will learn Jean-Louis’ method of incorporating myth, primal ancestors, ritual and the natural elements as tools for physical transformation.

Actors will work on a classical or contemporary monologue of their choosing in this intensive and hands-on experience, uncovering a playground of possibilities within their own bodies and minds.

Melbourne, June 12th – 15th

Cost: $1200 (GST Incl)

Applications Close: May 18th 2019 – 12pm

Masterclass The Camera Close-Up

This three day Masterclass asks actors to move beyond their instinct and intelligence and deep dive into a mastery of physical, psychological and emotional craft – the most important techniques for working on camera.

Actors will be assigned scenes from films and discover how to connect powerfully to emotion, when it is crucial; in the close up. Be confident that you can deliver, take after take, not push or run out of steam. 

Learn how to be in the moment with another actor, to create extraordinary characters and find spontaneity in your storytelling.

How ready are you for your close up?

Melbourne, June 18th – 20th

Cost: $990 (GST Incl)

Applications Close: May 18th 2019 – 12pm

 About Jean-Louis

An internationally renowned acting coach, movement director and professor, Jean-Louis Rodrigue has worked on many Academy Award-winning films, plays, television, opera and music events. Jean-Louis has worked with Berlinale Talents since 2009, developing the acting programme and mentoring its participants.  He is a professor at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television and at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.  

Born in Morocco, raised in Italy and originally an actor himself, he was inspired to study the body when, as a boy, he saw some of Leonardo da Vinci‘s drawings in Milan. “He depicts the body as a place where creation happens and imagination lives,” he says. “That idea stayed with me.” Through mental and physical processes, his techniques allow actors to expand their level of awareness of themselves, in stillness and in movement, teaching them to transform into character. 

Jean-Louis has worked with actors such as Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Binoche, Hilary Swank, Keanu Reeves, Kirsten Dunst, Jonathan Pryce, Josh Brolin, Rachel McAdams and Helena Bonham Carter to name a few.  

“Jean-Louis Rodrigue is generous, genuine, and creative such that even when a character or a story is frightening, it becomes about exploring the work and being of service” Juliette Binoche (Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress – The English Patient)


 Auditing is so much more than just the act of observation, it’s an incredibly active experience and the presence of the auditors are an invaluable addition to the Masterclass. Watch the process of The Alexander Technique unfold before you with not only a gifted teacher in Jean Louis Rodrigue, but also from the know-how of the actors on the floor.

Book auditing tickets today by clicking the link below.

Single Day Auditing Pass: $95

Three Day Auditing Pass: $240