wJohn Patrick Shanley Workshop New York

John Patrick Shanley Workshop New York

“Whatever you do in terms of telling a story, the most important thing you can define is who you are.” – John Patrick Shanley

16th Street Actors Studio is proud to continue our partnership with Australian Theatre Company in presenting Pulitzer, Tony and Academy award-winning writer and director, John Patrick Shanley in his first New York Actor’s Workshop.

Applications are now open for this extraordinary week-long theatre experience.

The Workshop

An ensemble of actors will dive deep into the new works of John Patrick Shanley in this 5-Day Workshop.

They get a first look at the new plays of one of the world’s greatest playwrights, with some material written specifically for this Workshop. Actors will engage in stimulating discussion around the topics raised in these stories and explore the material elementally on the floor guided directly by John Patrick Shanley. Over the course of the 5 days they will play a wide range of characters, switching roles, irrespective of gender to experience a new perspective as they examine the raw jangling nerve of gender, sexuality, and power in America today.

This Workshop is the essence of theatre – the collaboration between writer and actor. The audience (auditors) are integral to this workshop as they engage with Mr Shanley and the actors, asking questions and sharing insights.

We hope Mr. Shanley’s new works will provoke challenging discourse, where diverse viewpoints are welcomed. Aristotle believed – “Truth exists in the tension between two opposing ideas.”

John Patrick Shanley seeks a more compassionate society. He will investigate both the effect casting has on meaning and the effect of cross-gender casting on the actors and the audience. Ideas will be examined, unseen work will be shared, scripts may be born or changed through this process.

This is an artist’s journey into the work of one of the finest playwrights of our time.

Places are available to participate and audit this theatre experience.

“Theatre is the safe place to do the unsafe things that need to be done.”  – John Patrick Shanley