wJohn Patrick Shanley Workshop New York

John Patrick Shanley Workshop New York

“Whatever you do in terms of telling a story, the most important thing you can define is who you are.” – John Patrick Shanley

16th Street Actors Studio is proud to continue our partnership with Australian Theatre Company in presenting Pulitzer, Tony and Academy award-winning writer and director, John Patrick Shanley in his first New York Actor’s Workshop.

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This is a 5-day workshop where talented actors from stage, film, and television will work on 11 new and unpublished plays written by John Patrick Shanley, in front of an audience. Following each piece the actors perform, John will sit in conversation with the cast to find out what exploring the topics and themes of the plays was like for them. Then John will open up the conversation to the audience for an in-depth and engaging dialogue with himself and the cast. John’s new plays look at our beliefs/prejudices about identity, gender, power and love. The material will prove illuminating for those in attendance.

Audience engagement is an essential part of this workshop. This event will be of interest to theatre goers and those who love the work of Shanley, but also to anyone who is interested in human behavior and engaged discourse. Join us as we discuss the themes addressed through John’s work and take a fascinating look into who we are as human beings.

John Patrick Shanley has an ability to hold a room with kindness and empathy. He creates an environment where opposing views can exist in the same space, to be considered and discussed with compassion and real understanding. His workshop earlier this year in LA was profound. The feedback from those who attended said it was a life-changing event, not only for lovers of John Patrick Shanley’s work, but for anyone interested in the pursuit of becoming a better human being.

This is a rare opportunity to step inside the world of an award-winning playwright of this calibre. Purchase daily tickets for $(US)85, or select the 5-day full workshop pass for just $(US)375 and be in the room as we explore all 11 of John Patrick Shanley’s new and unpublished plays and be a part of the conversation.

“Theatre is the safe place to do the unsafe things that need to be done.”  – John Patrick Shanley