mcLarry Moss East Coast Tour: Brisbane

Larry Moss East Coast Tour: Brisbane

“When the actor reaches for the hand of a writer, the world is affected.  We know these actors when we see them.” –  Larry Moss

Likewise, when a great acting teacher reaches for the hand of a gifted actor, the actor’s life is changed forever.

This is Larry Moss. One of the most celebrated acting teachers of all time.

Since Larry Moss first came to Australia 8 years ago, the careers of hundreds of Australian actors have been transformed, leaving their artistic footprint on the world stage.

Larry Moss is wholehearted in his unwavering commitment for actors to serve the play.  He inspires them to rise to the occasion through solid technique. When an actor invests 100% of their talent creating characters through story, they make a meaningful contribution to the world. 

“Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Show us what you’ve got” – Steven Pressfield, The Art of War

About This Masterclass

In this 4-day intensive “Scene Study” Masterclass you will be assigned a scene, which you will rehearse thoroughly with your scene partner, prior to the commencement of the class. You will invest in appropriate costume and dialect. 

As an actor, you will work on the greatest plays of the past and present with Larry Moss- an elder with a lineage and legacy – and experience what is possible when you yourself reach for the hand of the writer supported by a true master of craft.

Your talent is revealed through the choices you make. What choices are you making?

Over the past 8 years, Larry has selected work from the most wonderful writers – past and present:

William Shakespeare, Noel Coward, Neil Simon, Caryl Churchill, David Rabe, Theresa Rebeck, John Patrick Shanley, Mark St Germain, Penelope Skinner, Martin McDonagh ,David Auburn, Clifford Odets, Terrence McNally, David Mamet, Michael Weller, Tom Stoppard, Arthur Miller, Duncan Macmillan, August Strindberg, Eugene O’Neill and many more.

This is a tradition Larry Moss continues with our actors in 2020.

About Auditing

This Masterclass is open to observers to engage in a dynamic process of learning as they watch Larry and the actors work together. Auditing a Larry Moss Masterclass is an unforgettable experience.  

To book Auditing Tickets please click on the below links or the links in the Auditing Section of this page.

Single Day Audit Ticket – $130

4-Day Discount Audit Ticket – $470

BRISBANE: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=589185&bof=1

” Working with Larry is thrilling, challenging, inspiring, occasionally frustrating, endlessly interesting, and always exhilarating.”
– Tobey Maguire, Actor


About Larry

Larry Moss has taught acting for almost 50 Years. He studied his craft with luminaires such as Stella Adler, Sandford Meisner and Warren Robertson. He started his career as an actor on Broadway and began his teaching career at Julliard, NYC and then founded the Larry Moss Studio in LA.  Larry Moss has coached Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe and Academy nominated and award-winning actors; including Hilary Swank, Helen Hunt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane. 

His book The Intent to Live was published in 2004. “It’s an important book for actors and anybody …interested …in that elusive and magical contact with their creative self… Larry Moss is not only a great teacher but a wonderful writer, with an immensely generous spirit” – Sally Field

For more on Larry Moss please visit larrymoss.org