wLisa Robertson – Scene Study Workshop

Lisa Robertson – Scene Study Workshop

‘Lisa Robertson is a fully committed teacher with passion and insight’ – Larry Moss

About Lisa

Lisa Robertson has been teaching acting in Los Angeles for over 14 years, working with highly skilled actors from all over the world. Lisa is an acclaimed acting coach and director who was mentored by one of the greatest acting coaches of our generation, Larry Moss.

Originally from Australia, Lisa relocated to the U.S. to train at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Her techniques have been deeply influenced by her training with Larry Moss, as well as master of voice and Shakespeare, Patsy Rosenberg, who collaborated with Lisa in stage productions and acting workshops.

Her technique is designed to trigger, sculpt, and psychologically layer the elements that make a character – both through finding specific inner life as well as external behaviour to deliver dynamic storytelling.

An acclaimed acting coach, and recipient of numerous fellowships for filmmaking, Lisa has successfully combined technical exercises with effective script-analysis to transform actors on stage, television and film.

16th Street is delighted to bring Lisa Robertson to Sydney for her first workshop in Australia.

‘Lisa Robertson is an excellent acting coach. She not only improves you as an actor but gives you the technique to improve yourself.’ – Eddie Izzard, Valkyrie, Ocean’s Twelve and Thirteen

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The Workshop

In this three-day workshop, you will work on scenes from great contemporary and classical plays specifically chosen for you by Lisa.

The Workshop will begin with a series of Larry Moss Technique Exercises to connect you to your body, voice, emotional life, instincts and imagination.

Lisa will work intensively with the 18 selected participants to unlock their physical, emotional and behavioural life, with thorough script analysis, to deliver character and story that is truthful, connected and fully alive.

“Behaviour and tasks are subtext. A character may say anything, but their bodies tell the truth” – Lisa Robertson.

Selection is by online application including a headshot, CV and link to showreel/filmed work.