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tcMatch Fit Actor – Actor’s Toolkit with Iain Sinclair

Match Fit Actor – Actor’s Toolkit with Iain Sinclair

The Match Fit Actor 4-week course will focus on training in redirection with floor-work and adjustments.

This class will also familiarise experienced actors with the widest range of preparation and interpretation needed to hold your own and keep your dignity in professional redirection.

Match Fit is designed to give an actor maximum levels of fitness in redirection and adjustments from a director in a professional context. The class will begin by teaching strategies for extracting the most live and varied choices possible from any given text. We will then proceed to test that range of choices on the floor until the most impressive and empowering possibilities emerge.

We will explore the most effective processes for research, preparation and demonstration and also take a look at a variety of directing styles out there in the industry right now.

Stay match fit. Never get caught off guard again.

“Actors who find the engine of a scene find their dignity through purpose, they find courage because of desire, they are liberated from doubt through discipline, they become psychologically resilient through catharsis and they step into substance through the ancient ceremony of fighting for what is important.”  – Iain Sinclair, Head of Acting