wRob Marchand Workshop – The Mike Leigh Method of Character Based Improvisation

Rob Marchand Workshop – The Mike Leigh Method of Character Based Improvisation

“Artistic processes are all about making choices all the time, and the very act of making a choice is the distilling down and the getting to the core of what it is that you care about and what you want to say, really.” – Mike Leigh

This workshop examines each stage of the highly regarded Mike Leigh method and process in a dynamic, informative and interactive 5-day workshop. It is intensive and experiential, and aimed at Actors, Directors and Writers or Actors with writing and directing ambitions.

Rob Marchand has been hailed as Australia’s foremost expert in this technique and has trained countless actors, directors, writers and producers – all of whom go back to their own projects with renewed enthusiasm and plenty of new tools with which to work.

The workshop is a practical investigation of the process; participants will acquire direct, first hand knowledge of every aspect of the process by taking part in progressive character and scene building exercises.

For Actors, the workshop has particular value in

  •        Building depth to a character
  •        Using spontaneity in performances
  •        Finding a new perspective on scripted material
  •        Increasing knowledge of the character
  •        Assisting with preparation for auditions
  •        Adding complexity to performances
  •        Improving communication with the Director

‘This Workshop is empowering and intriguing, an invaluable experience that will stick with me for the rest life as an actor.’  Jake Collins-Levy, Actor – Holding the Man

For Directors and Writers, the workshop has particular value in

  •        Auditions/Casting
  •        Performance
  •        Providing a new approach to script development
  •        Improved communication between actor, director and writer
  •        Adding detail to scripted material
  •        Exploring the unexpected

‘Participating in this workshop was inspiring. Expand your skills in exploring and creating character, this is invaluable.’  Kate Woods, Director – Looking For Alibrandi

‘Rob’s inventive use of the Mike Leigh process gives actors the opportunity to experience deeply the state of being in character as opposed to acting the character. The actors found the experience incredibly rewarding, for some it changed the way they approached their acting. Rob has an intuitive, supportive and totally non-judgmental way of bringing the best out of any actor and his blend of process and creativity provides not merely an educational experience but a creative journey for the actors which takes them seamlessly to the point of delivering authentic screen performances.’Kim Krejus, Artistic Director of 16th Street Actors Studio