Part Time Program

ptPart Time Program

Part Time Program

“Study, find all the good teachers and study with them, get involved in acting to act, not to be famous or for the money. Do plays. It’s not worth it if you are just in it for the money. You have to love it” – Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Actor

The Part Time Program is modelled on 16th Street’s Full Time Program and incorporates many of the same disciplines. It is defined by the same ethos and objectives, delivered over 18 months. This program is designed to support you to train on a part time yet intensive basis, due to the needs of your other work commitments.

“16th Street has an amazing philosophy.  It stretches everyone.  It’s about being truthful as an actor, which starts with finding the truth in yourself, and removing your barriers to the expression of that truth.  There is no stereo-typing.  There is no judgement.  Honest and complete expression of one’s ability and creativity are pursued and delivered.  The teachers are passionate, committed and devoted to one thing – bringing truthful actors to stage and screen.” – Gail Bradley, Part Time Program 2013-2014

The Part Time Program is one of the most comprehensive acting programs in Australia. It requires dedication and commitment.

The Actor Experience

In the 18 month program at 16th Street you will develop your skill, craft, artistry and humanity. Your growth as a person is inseparable from your growth as an actor. 16th Street fosters a spirit of generosity, a dedicated work ethic and a respect for the craft of acting. We believe actors must have the skill and ability to work in all mediums of our industry.

Artistic excellence is possible when technical mastery is achieved. This is the foundation from which inspiration soars.

You will develop the vocal, physical and imaginative vitality to live fully on stage. You will learn to integrate these skills with the intimacy required to be a great screen actor.

The program is informed by the work of Uta Hagen, Lee Strasberg, Ivana Chubbuck and Bill Esper, led exclusively by acclaimed teachers who have studied under these masters. Stella Adler’s approach to script analysis is integrated into the actor’s experience by teachers who have worked with Ms Adler or been influenced by her work.

We nurture your artistic development and your professional aspirations through extensive mentorship and individual guidance. You will apply your craft to a professional environment through collaboration with screen industry professionals in an on-set experience. Scenes will be chosen to highlight your unique talent in a graduating screen project.

At the end of the program, you will go with your fellow colleagues on a 2-day retreat to reflect on your purpose for being an actor, the values that will serve you in your professional lives and to clarify the contribution you wish to make in our industry and community.

The 16th Street Part Time Program has already gained a reputation as leading the way in a new style for actor training in Australia. You will graduate with confidence in your craft and feel a part of an artistic community. You will forge connections with industry professionals as you embark upon or continue your career as a professional actor.  Our graduates have secured representation within esteemed agencies worldwide and have performed on stages and screens across Australia and internationally.

Entry into the Part Time Program is based on audition and interview.

Program Content


You will discover the connection between breath, thought, emotion and text to express the unique voice of your character for stage and screen performance. Courses integrate the work of Patsy Rodenburg, Kristen Linklater, Cicely Berry, and David Carey. Working with Shakespeare’s language, you will develop your physical, vocal and imaginative capacity.

The Alexander Technique

The purpose of this technique is to help you develop a balanced state of alignment conducive to a creative state of being. The Alexander Technique supports you to find ease in performance and movement, through letting go of tension. You will build strength and endurance to create powerful characterisations without strain through this globally recognised and fundamental training technique of the actor’s craft.


You will gain awareness of your physicality. Using a variety of techniques you will develop the ability to transform and embody character with authenticity, detail and rich imagination. Through psychological gesture, animal work, music stimulus and direction of your energy you will find the intimate connection between the physical life and psychology of a character.

Acting Technique

The Method – Lee Strasberg

Working from a state of relaxation, quelling the analytical mind, and exploring the physical senses to allow the body and emotions to be free in process and performance, you will discover sense memory as a key to the creative process.

“Acting… is the ability to react to imaginary stimuli…it requires unusual sensitivity and extraordinary intelligence in the ability to comprehend the workings of the human soul.” – Lee Strasberg

Uta Hagen Technique

You will learn how to bring yourself fully into the characters you play and identify with the character’s given circumstances. You will understand the level of work that great actors do, to create characters that are complex and reveal a truth about humanity. You work on a series of craft based exercises devised by Uta Hagen as taught at the HB Studio in New York to illuminate acting principles.

Ivana Chubbuck Technique

When you have the courage to use your own pain to fuel your character’s objective, and to overcome obstacles, you will develop the will to win and to fight for what your character wants and needs.

This cutting edge technique, devised by Ivana Chubbuck, one of America’s most respected acting teachers, teaches actors a 12-step acting technique that reveals the primal needs that drive human beings.

Script analysis/Scene Study

You will learn how to ‘read’ a script, how to approach in-depth scene analysis where your creative imagination meets the writer’s intention. You will discover how to translate clues and facts, gleaned from the script and your research into inventive acting choices. You will learn how to reveal and serve the meaning of the story. This discipline is derived from the work of Stella Adler.

Screen Performance

Screen Performance requires intimacy. You will develop a fearless relationship with the camera. You will develop a willingness to be seen and known by the camera.  When you understand these demands and possess the talent and skill, your performance is free, connected and authentic

Elements of our program on Screen Performance include:

  • Understanding the structure of a screenplay
  • How to utilise this awareness to craft an inspired and illuminating screen performance
  • How to plot the character’s journey as they are driven to get what they want and need
  • How to build emotional triggers to give the response you need
  • How the power of thought and intention create screen presence
  • How to sustain a screen performance
  • How to rehearse for television and have spontaneity with very little rehearsal
  • How to deal with the technical demands of screen acting, including continuity, shooting out of sequence, camera shots and angles
  • How to appreciate the role and function of a film and television crew

Screen Project

You will collaborate with established filmmakers and screen professionals, you will challenge yourself and apply your technique and craft in an on-set environment. Scenes will be chosen or written for you by an established screen writer to highlight your unique quality as an actor. The purpose of this project is to give you an appreciation of the collaborative experience of filmmaking.

Career Guidance and Mentorship

In this component of the program you will gain artistic career guidance and industry advice through 16th Street’s close ties with agents, casting directors, producers and directors in Australia, The United States and The United Kingdom. Insights will be provided into the differences between these national industries and from seminars with these professionals you will gain an understanding of industry expectations following graduation.

Personal advice through customised service will be offered regarding headshots, show-reels and how to approach agents, casting directors and the wider industry.

With an holistic approach to each individual actors journey, 16th Street will provide personal mentoring regarding your craft, creative development and career  throughout the program in the form of an ongoing dialogue with 16th Street’s Artistic Director Kim Krejus, one of Australia’s most esteemed acting teachers. You will also receive specific mentoring from your teachers and guest artists as your program progresses.

Through creative and entrepreneurial support and guidance from 16th Street during the program, students will be encouraged to generate their own performance projects and will have access to space, dramaturgical insight and production support. Students will be encouraged to make submissions to 16th Street’s Lab Series initiative.


Acceptance into 16th Street’s Part Time Program is by audition and interview.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.