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cpPatsy Rodenburg – Power and Presence – Business Masterclass

Patsy Rodenburg – Power and Presence – Business Masterclass

“True leaders have a voice, one that speaks truth and authenticity” – Patsy Rodenburg

When was the last time you were genuinely moved and inspired by a great speaker?

World leading expert in communication, voice and personal presence and author Patsy Rodenburg will be visiting Australia in February 2018.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the world’s most effective teacher of voice and communication.

The Business Masterclass on Monday February 5th is now Booked Out.

There are limited places available for the Business Masterclass on Tuesday February 6th.


“In all my work in top leadership, people long for gravitas, to be authentic. It doesn’t matter if you are entertaining or not … what matters is to have presence. Dignity, clarity, focus, passion, humanity, and authenticity come freely as a result”  – Patsy Rodenburg

Patsy Rodenburg needs no introduction in the UK and USA. For actors, her name is the best in the business. She has a three-decade-long commitment to voice in performance at the world’s best, Guildhall, The Royal National Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Her powerful approach has been adapted to the world of politics, business, and even the British prison system with enormous success and she enjoys accolades from top-level politicians and business leaders, humanitarians and of course award-winning Hollywood actors.

  • For actors like Judi Dench, Daniel Day Lewis and Cate Blanchett. Patsy Rodenburg represents a revolution in accessing truth, power and the essential leading edge in persuasive performance.
  • For those in politics, like Team Obama, Patsy Rodenburg stands for authenticity and clarity in message and purpose.
  • For those in the British prison system, Rodenburg introduced a profound connection to personal confidence and future thinking.
  • For high profile businessmen and women including C Level Executives from Fortune 500 companies, Rodenburg’s name heralds the emergence of authentic, adaptive leadership, expert communication and maximum personal and corporate impact.

16th Street Actors Studio presents a once in a lifetime opportunity – to work with the world’s undisputed leader of voice and communication.

Next Generation Voice Training in the new Business Paradigm

“Human presence is a real and tangible force. It transforms all around it. When you speak with full presence your words live, inspire, provoke and prevail” – Patsy Rodenberg

Leadership models are fast evolving away from conventional command structures toward interpersonal and empathic processes. It is no longer enough to simply “communicate a message clearly”. Leaders in the new business paradigm need to be adaptive and present.

Patsy Rodenburg’s simple but revolutionary processes will equip participants to communicate and inspire in any new situation.

Patsy Rodenburg is a world leader in teaching how to interact flexibly, honestly and with the natural authority needed to be effective in the new century.

All successful leaders have presence and the key to presence is voice.

Actors know it. Politicians know it.  

But only the best in business know it.

In our trust-based economy leaders are looking for the tools to cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression. Voice is the vehicle for every interpersonal interaction from intimate client meetings, public presentations to high-stakes pitches for investment. Voice is the DNA of your personal brand. When engaged effectively, it is the key component to success and will give leaders the crucial edge needed to carry projects over the finishing line.

This practical programme will provide participants with the same mechanisms for natural authority that Patsy Rodenburg has taught to the world’s best in each field like Judi Dench, Team Obama and hundreds of top-level executives.

Rodenburg is the most sought-after voice teacher in the world, with only two days on offer exclusively through 16th Street Actors Studio availability for the masterclasses is strictly limited.

Patsy Rodenburg is light years ahead of redundant “presentation skills” and toastmaster style training. Her process provides the fundamental components of charismatic and inspired leadership.


  • Using Rodenburg’s technique business leaders will be empowered to:
  • Adapt to various speaking environments with dignity and confidence.
  • Be able to think on their feet with clarity and passion from formal presentations, informal Q&As right through to unexpected impromptu public feedback sessions.
  • Impress without being overbearing, to connect with natural credibility and to inspire and lead any group with natural gravitas.
  • Engage and speak with presence at a high strategic level.
  • Attract talent.
  • Liberate potential in others.
  • Animate staff and build effective community with future-focused leadership.
  • Motivate team members to work beyond self-interest.
  • Stamp their own personal brand with natural credibility.
  • Expand their range of impact and influence.
  • Cultivate swift, flexible and appropriate responses in a quickly evolving business environment.
  • Take the crucial step from participant to contender.


“I have had the great fortune of working with Patsy on two very different Executive Education initiatives that I have managed at London Business School. On the one program, we had the CEOs and Deputy CEOs from a large national oil company. Patsy was masterful at keeping their attention, having them fully engaged both mentally and physically and, more importantly, putting themselves in the vulnerable position of receiving feedback in front of their peers.  Patsy possesses an innate combination of kindness and insight that allows her to ensure a safe environment in which to provide direct feedback that is not only accepted but treated as a rare gift to be kept and used regularly. In the second program, Patsy provided a similar workshop to a group of high-potential middle managers of a large company in the European automobile industry.  As part of the program, these participants were required to make group presentations to the company’s board of directors two days after Patsy’s workshop.  The day before Patsy’s workshop, the group had rehearsed their presentations to one another.  The difference in the quality of the style of presentation and the presence and energy of the presenters before the workshop and after the workshop was that of night and day.  Patsy has a keen eye and ear and utilizes both to provide personal and specific feedback to her workshop participants – feedback that is clearly understood and actionable and, most importantly, creates an immediate, positive impact.”

– Michael Ladd, Programme Director, London Business School

“Patsy is a true expert and has a rare ability to create a special space for learning, growth, and inspiration. Her insights into how to communicate with presence and impact enable participants to leave with increased confidence, inspiration and practical tools.

She is able to connect and work with impact and credibility at a junior level up to FTSE-100 Board level.

There are many facilitators and speakers on how to be a great presenter but no others have the impact of Patsy.”

– Liz Dimmock, Managing Director of Woman Ahead

“Patsy is the antidote to the cynicism, apathy, and narcissism of our times. A true master of her craft, she will awaken your presence and encourage you to step into your personal leadership.  To play with Pasty is the most courageous and rewarding thing you can do to develop congruence between your thoughts, body and spoken word.  Her practical techniques, world-class experience and supportive style will inspire you to communicate more powerfully, lead better teams, build better relationships and live a more authentic and generous life.”  

– Mark Albas, Head of Learning, Arcadia Consulting, Architects of Change

“Patsy delivers improved performance for individual leaders, executive teams, and client-facing professionals. Clients include CEO’S and board level executives at leading global financial institutions, professional service firms, and large consumer goods firms”

– Khoi Tu, Managing Director, Inverstar

“What is wonderful about Patsy is the directness and clarity of her teaching and enthusiasm.
I am an enormous fan of her work.”

– Dame Judi Dench

“Patsy Rodenburg wants to free your voice so that you can express yourself fully and honestly”

– Sir Ian McKellen

“I know Patsy to be a very gifted voice and speech coach. She provides a practical and imaginative means for language to be strongly felt by audiences”

– Trevor Nunn, former Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company

“Patsy Rodenburg is one of a handful of people 
in the world who understands the use of the voice engages the heart, the mind and the body. There is no teacher, in my experience, who brings all these together with such wisdom and patience.”

– Richard Eyre, Film Director; Notes on a Scandal, Iris

Patsy Rodenburg explains Second Circle

About Patsy Rodenburg

Patsy is a world expert on teaching voice, speech and presentation skills, initially to actors, but more recently in high profile corporate spheres.

Patsy originally trained as an actor but soon moved into voice coaching, fast becoming an associate of the Royal Court Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, and eventually working as Head of Voice at the Royal National Theatre before moving to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she has taught for 32 years. Patsy is also on the board of directors at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Patsy has worked extensively with actors (including Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellen, Daniel Craig, and Natalie Portman), directors (Trevor Nunn, Richard Eyre, Franco Zeffirelli and Tim Burton) and playwrights (Arthur Miller, Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett), earning her OBE in 2005 for services to drama. She has also coached extensively for high profile politicians, statesmen and senior corporate executives.

Over the last 15 years, Patsy has worked with World Leaders and C Level executives from Fortune 500 companies and some companies with significantly smaller revenues. In all cases, the core objective is to make sure people listen, understand, believe and remember. Patsy will demonstrate how easy it is to succeed or fail in that objective and teach key techniques to ensure success.

Patsy Rodenburg’s Humanitarian Work

Although Patsy does not make a big deal of this herself it is important to acknowledge that Patsy Rodenburg has been a major voice for Penal Reform 
in the U.K. She has staged Shakespeare in maximum- security prisons and worked with the criminally insane for over 25 years. She has developed methods along with the treating-psychiatrists to rehabilitate child murderers through poetry and Shakespeare.

Patsy understands the relevance of Shakespeare in contemporary times to communicate with, and release the marginalized and disenfranchised voice. She has spent months traveling and teaching in the most poverty-stricken areas of India, taught Shakespeare to mixed groups of Protestant and Catholic women in Northern Ireland, and has taken her work to Gaza and the West Bank.

In Amsterdam, she has conducted workshops with up to 300 prostitutes at a time; she has worked greatly with various tribes in Africa and with Aboriginal communities in Australia.

This barely scrapes the surface of her contribution. Her passion for communication and the spoken word has broken down racial, religious, and class barriers the world over.

This is truly a once in lifetime chance to engage with a world-class practitioner of voice.


The Business Masterclass on Monday February 5th is now Booked Out.

There are limited places available for the Tuesday Business Masterclass on February 6th.

For all inquiries please call 03 9533 0216 or email kim@16thstreet.com.au