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tcThe Professional Actor’s Toolkit with Iain Sinclair

The Professional Actor’s Toolkit with Iain Sinclair

The Actor’s Toolkit is a collection of skills and techniques designed to ensure that any vocational actor reaches a professional standard and above in any acting context.

High-quality acting requires skill. With most skilled professions there are standards required to start a career and to stay in it. Unlike other professions the benchmark proficiencies to stay in the game as an actor are not explicitly laid out. Actors are often left feeling that their employability is purely subjective and personality based especially when the language for identifying the skillset is so intangible.

There are however a group of fundamental components of acting that constitute a professional standard. The standard required to be a professional actor is identifiable and trainable and once learned, can be maintained.

This Season we will be launching three scene classes.

  • The Employable Actor
  • The Intentional Actor
  • The Match-Fit Actor

All three classes will be practically based on scene work and monologues and participants are encouraged to bring texts they want to master with them.

The Employable Actor

A comprehensive program to ensure that the actor is working at the required professional standard and above when professionally engaged. This term class will focus on auditions, monologues and scene-work with a view to diagnosing and correcting common blind spots and habits that the working actor may not be aware of. The practical acting class will cover

  •      Audition preparation and practice
  •      Diagnosing (and neutralizing) anomalies in voice and posture
  •      Diagnosing (and neutralizing) habits and tics
  •      Identifying invisible deal-breakers in the audition
  •      Effective and dynamic line learning
  •      Clear and empowering scene analysis
  •      Performance calibration – getting your levels right
  •      Mindset – Effective techniques for getting your head in the game
  •      Keeping it live: Harnessing interoception and affect for dramatic impact
  •      Responding to adjustments and redirection with maximum efficiency (and grace!)

9 am – 5 pm

July 16th – 18th

A 3-day Intensive model, we are taking applications now.

Fee $500

The Intentional Actor

Actions and the Actor: The Original Stafford Clark Process:

Actions and intentions are the hidden DNA of all contemporary acting.

All professional actors play actions on each other and on audiences as a matter of habit. This class will teach you how to grow that professional habit.

The legendary director Max Stafford Clark developed a technique that creates on-the-spot, in-the-moment high standard acting by identifying actions in a text. His process accesses the key dramatic ingredients of need, action and reaction and throws the actor inside a dramatic situation beat to beat, thought to thought and moment to moment.

The Stafford Clark process guarantees variety, live-ness and interactivity in any scene or monologue. It gets performers out of their heads and into their bodies, it will make performances crackle with possibility and throws the actor’s attention off themselves and onto other characters.  It is a process that ensures that actors perform at a required professional standard from the beginning of rehearsals (rather than aiming toward the end). When this happens rehearsals are not focused on getting the acting working but servicing the play or screenplay at optimum level with the actors playing the most effective actions.

Most importantly this process does not use any jargon and removes any kind of self-involvement. It is a simple, effective and a practical technique that any performer can learn.

The process is so practical and easily accessible that it elevated the art form of Verbatim Theatre out of community halls and thrust it into West End theatres by putting untrained actors alongside trained ones with almost no discernible difference. It is also a process that can correct a blind spot often experienced by actors trained in more introspective methods.

There have been many inferior offshoots of Max Stafford Clark’s process, but this is an opportunity to engage in the original process as he continues to employ it. Iain Sinclair worked alongside Max as his Assistant Director touring the UK teaching his process with the legendary touring company Out of Joint.

Like Max Stafford Clark, Iain uses actions as the cornerstone of his own award-winning directing career.

Fridays 10am – 2pm

June 8th – July 6th

(there will be one week off during this time for our Steppenwolf Workshop which we highly recommend auditing)

Fee $300

The Match-Fit Actor

Training in Redirection: Floor-work and Adjustments.

This class is designed for graduate and professional actors who want to maintain their ability to explore text alongside a director. The class will re-invigorate working actors with the widest range of preparation and interpretation needed to hold your own and keep your dignity in any professional redirection context.

This is a series of workshops designed to give an actor maximum levels of fitness in redirection and adjustments from a director in a professional context. The workshop will begin by teaching strategies for extracting the most live and varied choices possible from any given text. We will then proceed to test that range of choices on the floor until the most impressive and empowering possibilities emerge. We will explore the most effective processes for research, preparation and demonstration and also take a look at a variety of directing styles out there in the industry right now.

Stay match fit. Never get caught off guard again.

Thursdays 6pm – 10pm

June 7th – July 5th

(there will be one week off during this time for our Steppenwolf Workshop which we highly recommend auditing)

Fee $300

Discounts are available when you enrol in multiple classes

Limited Places available