wThe Second City Chicago

The Second City Chicago

‘I went to Second City, where you learned to make the other actor look good so you looked good, where you had to create everything out of nothing and you learned what collaboration was.’ – Bill Murray

About The Second City

The Second City opened it’s doors on a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959. No one could have guessed that this small cabaret theatre would become the most influential and prolific comedy theatre in the world. With roots in the improvisational games of Viola Spolin, The Second City developed an entirely unique way of creating and performing comedy.

Classes have been taught at The Second City for years, but no one would have dreamed the formal creation of the Training Center would later become the largest school of improv-based arts in the world.

Tina Fey speaks about The Second City

 The Workshop

This 3 day Workshop will give you a foundation in the principals of scenic improvisation as practiced at The Second City. It will cover core elements of the improvisational process from creating an environment to transformation. The skills you will learn in this Workshop can be applied to scripted and non-scripted work. It will teach you to become more improvisational in written moments and more confident when asked to improvise. You will learn how to use improv techniques to create memorable characters.

The Workshop will be taught by The Second City’s Artistic Director Matt Hovde.

Introduction to Matt Hovde and the work of The Second City


This Workshop is for actors who have training and/or acting experience.