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tcSteppenwolf Training with Julia Grace

Steppenwolf Training with Julia Grace

Steppenwolf theatre Company, Chicago has changed the face of American Theatre with its dynamic ensemble performance. The training at Steppenwolf encourages freedom, spontaneity and joy.

“I’ve known Julia Grace for quite a few years now and I have to say she is absolutely one of the best teachers I have ever seen. If you are lucky enough to get into her class you are going to have the time of your life.” – Amy Morton, Tony Award Nominee, Teacher and Ensemble Member Steppenwolf Theatre Company Chicago

In this class you will be exposed to the training of one of the most dynamic theatre companies in the world, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago.

The class will be Meisner based, with the inclusion of Viewpoints and will culminate in Scene Study.

The Meisner work will focus on strengthening the actor’s emotional honesty and imagination. You will learn and experience the power of listening, following impulses, trusting your instincts, working from moment to moment and working off a scene partner.

The Viewpoints work encourages actors to explore the physical and vocal possibilities of time and space. You will learn how to become more physically present, emotionally open and free. Viewpoints has been proven to be a profoundly important tool for developing ensemble skills.

The Scene Study component of this class will teach actors how to directly apply these tools in a real-world context. You will learn how to apply your learning immediately and practically.

These techniques get you out of your head and into your body, where the truth lies. You will become physically impulsive, spontaneous and passionate, where the joy lies.

When you deeply connect with others through your powerful capacity to listen, your body becomes available and present, and you cease to judge.

“As an actress, I was highly critical about my work. Steppenwolf taught me that my body is smarter than my brain. There is a domino effect when you feel free to fly and be spontaneous, joy comes from that and from that comes passion, and passion is contagious.”– Julia Grace