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Steppenwolf Workshop

“The thing that impressed me the most about Steppenwolf was the ferocity with which these actors and theatre artists approached their work there was a sense of drive and excellence that was incredibly impressive, it was very addictive to be around.”

Martha Lavey, Former Artistic Director Steppenwolf Theatre Company

16th Street is thrilled to bring the training of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago to Australia for the first time with Teachers and Steppenwolf Ensemble Members, Amy Morton and Audrey Francis.

Steppenwolf Theatre Company, now in its fifth decade has become the premier ensemble theatre in America and has received unprecedented national and international recognition, including a series of Tony Awards, and The National Medal of Arts.

Steppenwolf Theatre Company and School have redefined the landscape of acting and performance. Their teachers approach the craft of acting through the emotional, physical, intellectual, and instinctual – from the brain as well as from the heart.

“This is not for the faint-hearted. If you want to be challenged, experience what it’s like to live and work bravely and without apology and in turn discover new heights in what you thought you were capable of onstage, Amy Morton and Audrey Francis are the teachers to get you there. This way of working becomes addictive.” – Julia Grace, Steppenwolf trained, 16th Street Meisner/Viewpoints teacher

The Workshop

In this 5-day Workshop actors will learn how to be more honest, present and brave on stage than they are in real life.

The Workshop will be Meisner based, with the inclusion of Viewpoints and will culminate in Scene Study.

The Meisner work will focus on strengthening the actor’s emotional honesty and imagination. You will learn and experience the power of listening, following impulses, trusting your instincts, working from moment to moment and working off a scene partner.

The Viewpoints work encourages actors to explore the physical and vocal possibilities of time and space. You will learn how to become more physically present, emotionally open and free. Viewpoints has been proven to be a profoundly important tool for developing ensemble skills.

The Scene Study component of this Workshop will teach actors how to directly apply these tools in a real-world context. You will learn how to apply your learning immediately and practically.

“What Meisner has done for me, is give me extreme relaxation on stage so that I can receive fully. Inspiration can only come when you are relaxed.” – Amy Morton, Steppenwolf Ensemble Member, and Tony Award Nominee

We are proudly associated with Red Line Productions for this Workshop.


Auditing is not simply an act of watching performers work, but rather an active process in which fellow actors thoroughly experience and learn the Steppenwolf approach through observation and analysis.

To book Auditing Tickets in either Melbourne or Sydney please click on the below links or the links in the Auditing Section of this page.

Single Day Audit Ticket – $90
5-Day Discount Audit Ticket – $375

Melbourne: Get Auditing Tickets Here

About Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf Theatre Company was formed in 1976 by a group of actors who dedicated themselves to an ethic of mutual respect and to the development of artists through ongoing group work.

The Steppenwolf ensemble now has grown to 46 artist-members including actors, directors, playwrights, and filmmakers, and remains devoted to its original vision as an artist-driven enterprise. Defined as “where great acting meets big ideas,” Steppenwolf’s mission is “to engage audiences in an exchange of ideas that makes us think harder, laugh longer, feel more.”

It is America’s longest-standing ensemble theatre that has produced over 65 world premieres and won 12 Tony Awards and the National Medal of Arts.

Introduction to Steppenwolf Theatre Company

About Amy Morton

Amy Morton has been a Steppenwolf ensemble member since 1997 and directed several Steppenwolf productions including Clybourne Park, American Buffalo, Dublin Carol, The Pillowman, among others. She has performed in more than 30 Steppenwolf productions, including Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? which she also performed on Broadway and received a Tony Nomination and Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County which was also performed at London’s National Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company and on Broadway also receiving a Tony Nomination.

“Working with Amy Morton has been a rare experience, she has the ability to give the most astute and penetrating notes I’ve ever heard.” – Mike Nussbaum, Actor/Director, Men in Black, Fatal Attraction, House of Games.

About Audrey Francis

Audrey Francis has performed at Steppenwolf in The Fundamentals, Between Riverside and Crazy, The Herd, Where We’re Born, Life and Limb, Drunken City and Want. She has also directed multiple Chicago productions, most recently with the University of Chicago, Pine Box Theatre, Step Up Productions, and First Floor Theater. Francis teaches at the University of Chicago, the School at Steppenwolf and is the proud owner and founder of Black Box Acting.

“Audrey teaches with fierce determination, insight, intelligence, and kindness. She acts with tenacity, integrity, and energy.” – Jane Alderman, Casting Director, responsible for kickstarting the careers of Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Beals, John Cusack.


16th Street is proud to be in association with Red Line Productions for this Workshop