wThe Audition Monologue

The Audition Monologue

“I’ve been the panel reader for many commercial and musical theatre auditions over the years, and have sat on the panel for drama school auditions as well – not to mention auditioning actors for my own work, and of course my own experience as a working actor. I’ve seen it all … the good, the bad, the ugly. And sometimes, the brilliant.

The audition monologue is such an important skill to have in the tool box and I just adore empowering actors to walk into audition rooms and give their everything.”Anna Houston

Auditioning for theatre demands a great deal from the working actor. Technique, command of the instrument, vulnerability, flexibility and presence – the skills and qualities that are essential to the craft. 

Equally important is the selection, preparation and performance of a theatrical monologue: the audition-ready text that every actor should have in their back pocket.

Whether you’re auditioning for a theatre company that throws open their doors once a year to get a glimpse of your work or auditioning for a theatre production and bringing a prepared monologue into the room – or even if you’re hoping to gain admission to an Australian or international acting school.  Any way you look at it, the monologue audition is a thrilling – and often daunting – opportunity. 

Understanding how to select, rehearse and perform audition monologues is an essential skill for the working actor. In this dynamic and practical two-day workshop, participants will learn how to select winning audition monologues; understand the art of text analysis and how it delivers compelling performance; learn how to master nerves during the audition; and investigate techniques to stay grounded and flexible during performance. 

Show up in the room, be audition-ready.

About The Workshop

Over the two days, actors will workshop prepared Classical and Contemporary monologues – the kind that would be used for General Company Auditions or Drama School Auditions.  You will develop awareness of unhelpful habits, and unlock hints and tips to free you in the audition room.  

Day 1: Introduction into the Audition Room: 9am to 5pm

  • General auditions, drama school auditions, choosing winning monologues
  • Preparation and audition etiquette, performance anxiety
  • Workshopping on the floor with individual feedback and direction

Day 2: The Mock Audition Room: 9am to 5pm

  • Approaches to Classical and Contemporary texts, and how they differ
  • Workshopping on the floor with individual feedback and direction
  • The Mock audition – get the real-time feeling, stay flexible when given direction.

Prior experience is not necessary, but this Workshop is designed for auditioning actors with some skill in, and understanding of, text analysis, voice work and a desire to pursue performance training at a higher level.