wUta Hagen Scene Study with Carol Rosenfeld, HB Studio NYC

Uta Hagen Scene Study with Carol Rosenfeld, HB Studio NYC

“Uta and Herbert embraced me, saw my talent and nurtured it. I entered an environment in which artistic freedom flourished, where respect for the art of acting was assumed; I was given the space to find my own way as a teaching artist. I love the work and everything about it.” – Carol Rosenfeld

Carol Rosenfeld began teaching at HB Studio, New York, 50 years ago, working along-side two of the greatest acting teachers of the 20th Century, Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof.

Since Uta’s passing in 2004 Carol has been the Director of the Hagen Institute at HB and continues the legacy, values and principles of its founding members.

16th Street will bring New York to Australia this November with this world class actor training.

An introduction to Carol Rosenfeld

The Workshop

In this 4-day Scene Study Workshop, actors will be paired and assigned scenes from great playwrights including Shaw, Moliere, Wilde.

You will return to the beautiful basics of craft allowing you increased self-observation and an ability to identify the sources of human behavior.

You will empower your process, learn how to commit to playing an action, reveal or discover untapped sides of yourself, challenge preconceptions and drop patterns and tricks that may have become habitual due to performance demands.

You will embrace possibility by simply doing and discover just how far and how strongly you can play truthful actions.

All participants will receive a copy Carol’s book Acting and Living in Discovery and will be required to familiarise themselves with it.

We are thrilled to bring this incredible Master Teacher and this process of work to Melbourne and Brisbane this November.

16th Street is proud to be in association with The Factory for the Brisbane Workshop.

Carol Rosenfeld speaks about why it’s important to work on great writers