Wellbeing Program

We believe that dramatic artists, young and old, must flourish and continue to make a contribution to the world through the vital art of storytelling.

In the exploration and execution of their work, performers can find their sense of emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing uniquely challenged.

We have designed a series of wellbeing programs for the artistic community.

We seek to cultivate wisdom, compassion and resilience in those we support.We aim to draw international expertise to Australia, through the creation of a ‘centre of excellence’ through the introduction of groundbreaking initiatives.

Building on what has already been established by Kim Krejus at the acclaimed 16th Street Actors Studio and through the 16th Street Foundation.


LAUNCHING August 2021


This program is designed to cultivate genuine wellbeing within dramatic artists. For them to have the lifelong ability to be healthy, whole and vital human beings and to bring the best of themselves to their lives and craft.

We view wellbeing as the balance and integration of body, mind, spirit and environment. When we can put the gift of balance and wholeness back in the hands of each individual, we empower them with the resilience to step into the best version of themselves and create the same opportunity for all those they connect with.

The wellbeing scholarship program is facilitated by master educators from the world renowned Chopra Centre, USA and The Art of Living Foundation, a non-profit educational and humanitarian organisation.

The program includes skills in meditation, Ayurvedic wisdom (the science of body, mind, spirit balance), ancient breathing techniques that are used to deal with stress and trauma and mindfulness movement, such as yoga, qigong or Tai chi to cultivate harmony and balance through a physical practice.


Our first 10 week program commences in August 2021 with 20 scholarship places available.

Applicants will be selected on specific criteria inclusive of The Foundation’s objectives to include intergenerational representation within the program.

To receive a scholarship place, the selection process includes a compulsory information session on Tuesday July 20th, followed by a detailed letter of intent and a private meeting with the course facilitator, which will be held in early August 2021.


August 19th – October 21st 2021

Every Thursday from 9AM – 1PM

In addition there will be a two-day Vedic Breathing Intensive on Saturday August 14th and Sunday August 15th from 9am – 4pm. This is compulsory for entry to the program.


16th Street Actors Studio

715 Glen Huntly Actors Studio, Caulfield VIC 3162