Belinda Totino

Belinda Totino

“Belinda’s work is profound for females and males alike. The work brings you to a place where you are at your most raw, powerful and unashamed.” – Kestie Morassi, Graduate of 16th Street Full Time Program, Actress – Wolf Creek, Satisfaction.


Belinda Totino is a founding member of 16th Street. After she graduated from the first year Full Time Program she began a daily practice of yoga to support the work she was doing as an actor.

It was through this practice that she realised the great benefits yoga has for actors through strength, alignment and breath.

Belinda travelled to India to study and become a qualified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor. She then furthered her studies by studying Tantric Yoga in Thailand.

She has combined her yoga training with her training in sensual movement and archetype work to teach and empower actors to find freedom in themselves and the characters they play.

We are delighted to have Belinda at the studio


“When you are aligned as an artist you are free to express creatively and to relate to others in an open way.” – Belinda