Elizabeth Kemp

Elizabeth Kemp

“I’ve known Elizabeth Kemp for many years. Students come away truly inspired and transformed.” – Ellen Burstyn, Artistic Director, The Actors Studio, New York

Elizabeth Kemp was one of the youngest members to be admitted to The Actors Studio and has been a member of since 1975.

In her career she has been fortunate to learn from many masters including Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Arthur Penn and Ellen Burstyn.

She is currently Co Artistic Director and is on the Board of Directors of The Actors Studio in New York with Ellen Burstyn as Artistic Director.

Elizabeth is proud to be the Chair of The Acting Department at The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University.

Having studied the work of Jung for many years, she has taken courses at The Carl Jung Institute in New York City as well as working privately with Jungian mentors Bernard McDonnell and Morgan Stebbins.

Elizabeth has coached many Academy Award and Cesar Award winning actors.

16th Street is proud to call Elizabeth our Artistic Associate.

Elizabeth is the one of single most inspiring, transformative, present human beings I have had the great fortune of working with. Her generosity, fierceness, open heart, passion and dedication to the craft and to humanity is profound – she is at once both a master of the craft and a liberator of the human soul. Through her shadow work, I was able to explore the ‘character’ in a deeply engaging, highly personal way, that ultimately liberated my expression and connection as an actor, propelling me to new heights and awakening elements of my instruments that have been waiting to be unlocked.” Cody Fern- Actor, Warhorse