Jason Geary

Jason Geary

Jason Geary has been a professional improviser for over 25 years, performing all around the world from Australia to Asia, the USA and the stages of Europe.  Jason has studied Improvisation with teachers like Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Randy Dixon and Dan O’Connor – and story with Robert McKee. 

Jason is a founding member (and former Artistic Director) of Impro Melbourne and has performed with the company for 15 years, creating and directing many long and short form improvised formats. His format How ‘bout This  has been adopted and played internationally. His original Improv format Zoom has been invited to festivals across three continents and is a regular production in NYC. 

Jason has been teaching Comedy Improvisation for 20 years to both newcomers and experienced improvisers alike, and is renowned for bringing the best out of his students – no matter their experience and skill level.  Jason has a passion for exploring the craft of improvisation, in all of its forms. Jason is a sought-after teacher globally, having taught in every Australian capital city, Amsterdam, Seattle, Portland, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Wurzburg, Berlin, Hong Kong, L.A, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Paris, Rome, Milan, Barcelona and New Zealand just to list a few.

Jason has appeared in all three seasons of the critically acclaimed The Micallef Programme. He can also be seen with Shaun Micallef in Welcher and Welcher and Micallef Tonight. He wrote and performed in the popular program Skithouse. Jason has appeared in Neighbours, City Homicide, Thank God You’re Here, Utopia, Peter Helliar’s It’s a Date and How to Stay Married, Channel 7’s Slide Show and Preacher. His movie credits include Oddball with Shane Jacobson and Scare Campaign with the Cairns Brothers. Though you probably know him as “that guy off the iSelect ads”. In 2016 he had over 6 millions views on YouTube for his comedy sketch Backyard Cricket.

“It’s a moment shared between actors and audience that will never be repeated. It’s like fireworks, beautiful, bright then gone.  That for me is the magic of improvised theatre.” – Jason Geary