Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas Hammond

“Nicholas Hammond has a profound ability to communicate with actors, greatly enhanced by the wide range of writers, producers and directors with whom he has collaborated across more than 40 years.  His many credits as a screenwriter give him a unique insight into the structure of scripts and how to break one down into playable objectives.” – Denny Lawrence, Writer/Director, Producer and Teacher.



Nicholas Hammond has worked in front of the camera as an actor for fifty years and has been writing award-winning screenplays for the past fifteen years. His film work has been in the USA, England, Rome, Tokyo and Australia. His feature film credits are vast, notably starring as Robert in the original Lord of the Flies and Frederick in the 20th Century Fox classic The Sound of Music. Other starring roles include Skyjacked for MGM, Superdad for Disney, Deadly Dust, The Chinese Web, Emerald City, Black Cobra, Paradise Road, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and Mao’s Last Dancer.

On Broadway Nicholas starred in The Complaisant Lover and Conduct Unbecoming, and featured in the US national tours of Noises Off and The Happiest Millionaire, among others.

In Australia, his stage credits include numerous plays for Sydney Theatre Company, Company B Belvoir and national tours. Nicholas’s television work is extensive with over seventy-five roles including his performances in the Emmy Award Winning Gunsmoke and Spiderman.


“I am a passionate believer in the importance of the script as the spine of the film, and I believes both actors and writers alike can only achieve their best results when they understand fully both the purpose and the objective of every scene in a film. The expression, “the truth shall set you free”, is the guiding principle in understanding how to write or play a scene, as once the truth of the scene and the characters within it are discovered, then the freedom to soar will follow. Working with the artists at 16th Street Actors Studio has been a source of stimulation and creation for me in the past, and I look forward to challenging, exciting work with them in 2014.”  – Nicholas