Rowena Balos

Rowena Balos

“We all love Rowena, the person. In her teaching, she is vivacious, self-deprecating, intensely curious, and painstakingly rigorous. To work with her is a genuine joy and a privilege, and her practice remains forever current and alive to the moment, because she is constantly re-inventing it.”
– Robert Meldrum, Actor/Voice Teacher


Rowena Balos is a world-renowned master teacher, specialising in the Voice, Verbal Commitment (Speech), Shakespeare, Accent Reduction, the Standard American Accent and Acting Warm-up and Connection Techniques.

Based in Los Angeles, Rowena travels all over the world for lectures and workshops. Australia is her second home and she teaches here for several months each year.

The focus of her work is to guide you, the actor, the communicator, toward getting in touch with your entire being, so that it is available to respond and commit to being in the middle of each moment of your personal and creative life on stage or in front of the camera.

In order for your voice to fully reveal what you are thinking and feeling you must first find it, connect with it and then learn to release it without losing any of the subtlety or nuance.

Specifically, her work involves exploring body alignment, freeing the breath, finding the stimulus for sound, developing range, expanding resonance, waking up articulation, and finally, connecting thought and feeling to the voice through work on text. Rowena zeros in on five different areas of commitment on the journey to self knowledge: mental, physical, emotional, vocal and verbal.


“My work with the voice is designed to give people a foundation and technique to awaken, free and strengthen their entire being so that they can first make contact with self and second allow for its expression on sound. I strive to make it a joyful, fascinating journey of discovery.” – Rowena