Susan Gorence

Susan Gorence

“Her work is glorious. So full – so free – so imaginative.” – Carol Fox-Prescott, Actor, Director, Master Teacher.


Susan is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York, and was invited into the Academy Repertory Company. She was awarded the prestigious Drama League of New York Scholarship and has majored in theatre at two American universities.

She began her career as an actress in film, television and theatre with credits including Ocean Girl, Singapore Sling, Zoo Family, The Gingerbread Lady and recently, Three Hotels at La Mama.

As an acting coach, Susan has worked at various acting studios in Australia and is a leading accent coach having worked on numerous films including Gross Misconduct and The Leonski Incident. She also has also worked for the Melbourne Theatre Company and the Victoria State Opera to name a few.

Susan regularly works with casting consultants in Melbourne and conducts private tuition in dialect coaching and acting.


“My philosophy is to learn the life not the lines. To approach the text with curiosity to search for clues, thoughtful analysis to piece the moments together, and imaginative thinking to propel the character to life.” – Susan