Match Fit with Iain Sinclair


Hold your own with professional directors.

The Match Fit 6-week course focuses on the widest range of preparation and interpretation needed to hold your own and keep your dignity in professional redirection. This course focuses on training in redirection with floor-work and adjustments. 

Iain Sinclair has just opened Joanna Murray-Smith’s latest play Berlin at the Melbourne Theatre Company. He is recognised as one of Australia’s finest theatre directors, and the actors he directs are consistently honoured for their performances in award season.

You will be partnered with another actor. You will both choose and work on one 3 to 5 minute scene. Iain will guide and direct you to expand your vision of the scene and the range of choices available to you as an actor to realise the writer’s intention.

2022 Class Dates:

Advanced Classes – Wednesdays 7-10:30pm

February 23rd – March 30th – CLOSED
April 20th – May 25th – CLOSED
15th June – 20th July – Waiting list applies

Intermediate Classes – Fridays 11am-2:30pm

February 25th – April 1st – CLOSED
April 22nd – May 27th – CLOSED
17th June – 22nd July – Waiting list applies