16th Street Actors Studio is passionate about the craft of acting and is committed to further developing the unique potential of every actor who comes to the studio by encouraging them to be fearless in a pursuit of excellence.

The Studio

16th Street Actors Studio was founded by Artistic Director, Kim Krejus, through her desire to provide an environment for actors to develop technique, a work ethic and a respect for acting. Kim has built a studio supported by Australia’s finest industry professionals and teachers who train actors in specific acting techniques devised by some of the greatest acting teachers of our time. 16th Street acknowledges the acting teachers who have been trailblazers. We are grateful for the legacy they have left us we see the commonality between them and the inspiring differences that set them apart.

We have crafted intensive professional training programs for actors on a full-time and part-time basis, as well as offering on-going training through our Technique Classes classes and Private Coaching.

We acknowledge a range of approaches to the craft of acting. We honour the uniqueness of each technique we teach, while valuing the commonality between them.

The techniques we teach have been developed by world-renowned master teachers in the craft of acting.

Each teacher who works at 16th Street has been extensively trained in these specific techniques or have worked with some of these masters directly in the dedication to their teaching practice.

Technique builds a bridge between your talent and your humanity. 16th Street is proud to bring this work to you.

To sustain a dynamic career, we believe artists must continue to grow and be challenged. As such, we provide professional development programs for experienced actors with international Masterclasses and Workshops.

We believe actors can forge a successful career when they combine their talent, will-power and dedication with integrated and skills-based training.

“16th Street Actors Studio is one of the most exciting acting studios in Melbourne, and in Australia generally. A dedicated, passionate and generous staff, led by my gifted colleague Kim Krejus. The international program that has seen Masterclasses from such excellent acting teachers as Ivana Chubbuck and Larry Moss has been truly inspirational, and helps to make 16th Street special and unique.” – Tony Knight, Former Head of Drama, National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)

“Our connection with 16th Street Artistic Director Kim Krejus and noted actress and tutor Kerry Armstrong, dates from their work here with our founders Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof. We salute and admire in our 16th Street colleagues the values we hold in common: a deep commitment to craft, an understanding of the courage and agility it takes to perform at a professional artistic standard, and a deeply held conviction that acting brings us in touch with our own humanity.” – Edith Meeks, Executive and Artistic Director, HB Studio New York


Who We Are


Kim Krejus, Artistic Director

Kim is the founder of 16th Street Actors Studio. She is known and respected as one of Australia’s most esteemed acting teachers. 

Kim began her career as an actor in film receiving an AFI Best Actress nomination and has worked for all major television networks and theatre companies across Australia including Nimrod, MTC and QTC.

Kim has also worked in theatre in the United States, including touring Broadway productions, and in repertory theatre across the United Kingdom.

Kim was a student at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Sydney, The HB Studio (NYC), The Atlantic Theatre School (NYC) and is a graduate of the Drama Centre, London. Kim received a prestigious Churchill Fellowship and has trained under some of the most highly regarded acting teachers in the world including Yat Malmgren & Doreen Cannon in London, Uta Hagen in New York and Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles; Kim is accredited to teach the innovative Chubbuck Technique.

“Acting is the most intimate of The Arts. Acting is a craft that requires respect and dedication and is learned and refined over years of practice. In a world that is obsessed with the cult of celebrity, actors must be reminded to do what is required to be a great actor. They must be willing.” – Kim Krejus



Deborra-Lee Furness, Patron

“I am so proud to be the Patron of the exemplary 16th Street Actors Studio in Melbourne, Australia. I have had the great honour of knowing Artistic Director Kim Krejus for many years. Kim has created a studio from her boundless passion for the craft of acting and the support of actors in training. Actors who have spent time with Kim and at the studio will always be better artists for the experience” – Deborra-Lee Furness

“I am proud to introduce you to the Patron of 16th Street Actors Studio, actress Deborra-Lee Furness. I cannot imagine being in better company than with this wonderful woman. Deborra-Lee trained in New York before returning to Australia to make a considerable contribution to the landscape of the Australian film and television industry.

What strikes me most about Deborra-Lee is her determination to fight for what she believes in. She has never taken the opinions of others to restrict the scope of her vision and the expansiveness of her dreams.  Deborra-Lee is a shining example of a woman and an actress who lives her life with curiosity, fearlessness and generosity of spirit. 16th Street is honoured to have Deborra-Lee as our patron” – Kim Krejus


Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper, Philanthropic Partner

“Rumi said “When you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”. 16th Street Actors Studio is an organisation with soul, spirit and an obsession for a values-first approach to the industry. Kim Krejus and 16th Street have a passion and dedication for teaching actors and are on a mission to bring deep knowledge and artistry to a wide audience. The studios finest virtue is the way it simply cares and places students squarely on a pedestal so that they shine – it’s all about giving them the best possible experience and transforming actors in a profound and deep way. 16th Street Actors Studio at its heart is about dealing with the human condition i.e. standing fearlessly on life’s stage in full scrutiny of an audience is to bear ones soul.” – Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper is Managing Director / Chief Investment Manager of Cooper Investors and proud philanthropic partner of 16th Street.


Colin Firth

Colin Firth endorses 16th Street Actors Studio

 “Kim Krejus and I trained together at the Drama Centre in London. We were fortunate to train with Christopher Fettes and Yat Malmgren. Our acting teacher was Doreen Cannon, who had worked with Uta Hagen. When Kim graduated from the Drama Centre, she went to NY to study with Uta Hagen at the HB Studio. It is of real benefit to Australian actors that this work has been incorporated into the training at 16th Street.” – Colin Firth

Tara Hazel 
General Manager

Tara began her career as a young actress, training with Kim Krejus from the age of 14 and working professionally in Film, Television and Theatre. She is a graduate of the first Full Time Program at 16th Street in 2010. Her energy and passion for education and community led her back to 16th Street in 2014. Tara brings an incredible warmth and enthusiasm to the Studio along with a grounded-ness to the business. During her time at 16th Street she has developed and coordinates the Youth Program. Tara gets to combine all her passions working with actors, Youth and Business.

“Once a dedicated student of mine at 16th Street, Tara has now risen to become an incredible leading force at the studio, helping to guide it into an exciting and ever-expanding future. A superstar of light, grace and kindness, but with a practical solution-based approach to any challenge. It’s now my privilege to be able to call her my professional colleague.” – Jackie Diamond, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director, Australian Theatre Company, Los Angeles


Emily O’Brien-Brown 

Associate Artistic Director

Emily has a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts from Unitec, Auckland, and is a graduate of the first Full Time Program at 16th Street. She performed with mainstage and independent theatre companies during her time in New Zealand and has also produced and directed independent theatre both in Australia and New Zealand.

Emily began working at 16th Street in 2013 and has held many roles during that time before being offered the position of Associate Artistic Director. In her role she manages the needs of the 16th Street community, heads up our marketing team as well as running our Workshops and Masterclasses managing participant and teacher experiences.

“Emily is the heartbeat of 16th Street. Having graduated from the school and worked in the industry she’s the perfect fit for the studio. I think she’s a wondrous creation: highly sought after, no mission is impossible, a titan in the field of making things happen.” – Alkinos Tsilimidos, Filmmaker/Theatre Director


Jessica Papst
Programs Facilitator and Corporate Partnerships

Hailing from sunny Queensland, Jess comes from a background in Secondary Education, as a leading educator with a particular focus on the engagement of marginalised youth and Performing Arts curriculum development.

A graduate of Queensland University of Technology (Theatre and Performance Studies/Secondary Education – English), Jess continued her actor training at 16th Street through technique classes in Steppenwolf with Julia Grace and Advanced Scene Study with Jason Raftopolous, as well as continuing to work vocally with Melissa Langton (Melbourne), Drew Gasparini (New York) and Lindsay Mendez (New York). Jess is a passionate creative whose work is honest, large and full of heart across the genres of cabaret, musical theatre and the original music of “Jessie and the Tribe of Misfits”.

Jess brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to the team at 16th Street, effectively utilised across her roles. Her determination, organisation and sense of humour make Jess an excellent fit for the company in its current trajectory, and as we move into the future.

“Jess is a quadruple threat performer, a gifted actor and singer in her own right, Jess brings a highly organised mind, top notch skills in curriculum building and a genuine passion for making sure the important things get done in the right way, with the right philosophy , on time and with a winning smile – she’s exactly the right kind of person an artist needs in their corner”- Iain Sinclair


Stacy Camilleri
Administration Coordinator

Stacy began her training at 16th Street Actors Studio, and graduated the Full Time Program in 2014. Since then, she continued her training with Kim Krejus, Iain Sinclair, Carl Ford, Ivana Chubbuck and the late Elizabeth Kemp.
Stacy is incredibly spirited and warm, and loves welcoming new actors to the studio. She thrives on creative collaboration and working with actors, and is beyond thrilled to be a part of this vibrant and growing community as the Administrative Co-Ordinator at 16th Street Actors Studio.

“We are delighted to have Stacy Camilleri as our Administrative Coordinator. Stacy brings to the role an understanding of the training at 16th Street. She is a graduate of the Full Time Program and since graduation has worked with the late Elizabeth Kemp and Carl Ford at Susan Batson’s studio in NY. Stacy brings compassion and savviness to her role at 16th Street and is a wonderful addition to our team.” – Kim Krejus Artistic Director



Our Teachers